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Alphacool Cape Cyclone 38 HF 150 Reservoir

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by bundymania, 22 Jun 2011.

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    4 Jun 2009
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    Hello Guys,

    The following short review is about the newest reservoir by Alphacool, the HF 38 Cape Cyclone !


    There are two sizes available, namely the Cyclone 250 and the smaller Cyclone 150 this review is about.
    Let's start with a quick lesson about the history of Alphacool. They've been successful for years with the well known Cape Coolplex reservoirs, available in a lot of variations: beginning with the smallest model, the Coolplex 10, over the very popular Coolplex 25 up to the mega reservoir Cape Coolplex Pro Plexi 50, most customer's wishes are well fulfilled.
    One aspect though characterizes all Alphacool reservoirs: the excellent build quality, the use of high quality materials and a good availability of spare parts, just in case.
    All former Coolplex reservoirs had the same 50mm diameter and G 1/4" threads.
    This time, Alphacool takes a step forward: the new Cyclone reservoirs are supposed to enhance to range of products with features that have never seen before.
    The most important features and technical details:
    2x G3/8" threads for use with fittings for 8, 10 or more mm inner diameter for high-flow-systems
    2x G1/4" threads for LED lighting modules
    Riser pipe with 12mm inner diameter and G1/4" inner thread
    60 mm pipe diameter for more capacity
    90° redirection in the riser pipe for easier filling
    cyclone effect because of the controllable riser pipe in an angle of 180°
    black POM top and bottom, sealed by O-rings
    5mm thick tube made out of acrylic glass
    Technical data:
    Heigth: 170mm
    Diameter: 60mm
    Material: POM, PMMA
    Capacity: 250cm³ / 1/4 litre
    High quality made in Germany.
    Price: 49,95 EUR (around 63,43 US$)
    Scope of delivery:
    Retail packaging, manual, 1x holding clamp (POM, black)


    Features and every day use:

    When using older reservoirs, the integrated riser tube could on the one hand reduce the amount of air sucked into the system, but on the other hand, when using high power pumps or with few cooler s in the system, made it almost impossible to fill the running system, as the coolant would flow over - usually with fatal consequences.
    Alphacool now successfully cope with this issue with the integrated, slightly adjustable rising tube that comes with an exit to the side in the top area, so the water isn't directly pushed to the exit, making safe filling of a running system possible. In addition, this riser tube can be turned in an 180° angle to create appealing optical effects. The top end of the tube also features an additional thread that can be used to mount a lighting module, as it's also the common G1/4" size. You could also fit an angled fitting to create even more spectacular effects in the reservoir. As also stated in the "technical details" section above, the reservoir features bigger threads than usual, namely G3/8" that are supposed to increase the flow rate. When comparing to an EK Waterblocks 150 reservoir the increase was almost 10 litres/hour, even though using the included adapters for G1/4" fittings. This increase will be even greater when using a system made of components only made for G3/8" fittings, like a Thermochill radiator, an EK pump top and the new Alphacool Niagara CPU block, all coming with G3/8" threads.
    The reservoir also features two G1/4" threads, which can be used for lighting modules or standard fittings alike, if the two G3/8" threads are covered with sealing caps (sold separately).
    Another innovation is the increased diameter of this reservoir. It's 60mm, so it has a capacity of 250cm³, equating to 1/4 litre, which is a lot more than what fitted into other reservoirs of this size before.
    The included holding clamp makes a rigid impression and is easy to mount at the reservoir. Screws are also included.
    My test setup made of a Laing Ultra Pump, the Alphacool Niagara CPU block and other components helps the Cyclone reservoir to show what it's made of. The effects created by the riser pipe are appealing, filling even with flow rates of more than 150l/h worked perfectly. Separately sold lighting modules can make the reservoir also look great in the darkness.
    The build quality is flawless, only the top required a bit more force to open on the first time.









    Alphacool was able to succeed in implement a couple of useful new features. Of course, the current price tag is no bargain and the G3/8" threads won't be liked by everyone, but we must always remind ourselves that the development of a new product always costs a lot of money and there're also a lot of risks to be taken as a trendsetter.
    In my opinion, Alphacool takes a step towards the right direction, that will hopefully soon be followed by other companies. I especially like the bigger diameter of 60mm and the sophisticated riser pipe with its both optical and practical features, paired up with the outstanding build quality.
    It's just fun and eye candy to watch the Cyclone's water effects.

    Closing, I'd like to thank Alphacool.de for providing this test sample. This Reservoir is also available at aquatuning.de and their partnershops in europe !

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