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Linux Amahi 6.1 on Fedora 14

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by kenco_uk, 1 Jun 2011.

  1. kenco_uk

    kenco_uk I unsuccessfully then tried again

    28 Nov 2003
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    I'm running WHS 1 on an ultra SFF that has one internal sata port (it's all very proprietary) and have added 5 external 2.5" drives via usb enclosures. This is fairly obviously limiting transfer speeds as I use Drive Extender to create a large storage pool. I also have data duplication switched on so data is stored on any two drives in case one were to ever fail.

    I use it mainly to manually backup films, photos, programs, iso's over network folders, and I also use the handy automatic backup through the Windows Connector software which checks how long it's been since a backup and automatically backs up the C drive so it could be imaged back if needs be. It subsequently only backs up any changes made since the previous backup.

    What I'm doing atm is testing Fedora 14 with the latest version of Amahi on a slightly more upgradable SFF box that has pci-e ports and physical sata ports inside, which would mean I could expand the storage and have at least double the hdd access speed. I realise I could use the built in Windows7 backup utility and have it point to a network share so that should be okay. I also note Amahi installs Greyhole which looks very much like Drive Extender so hopefully that should be okay.

    What I'd also like is the ability to have a dlna server running, too so that I can have a central repository for various devices to play music, watch movies and view photos from, i.e. photos on an ipad, music for a Win7 laptop and movies through a PS3. Can this be done just by simply installing minidlna? (The port of minidlna for Amahi, although cheap, still costs money and as with anyone, I prefer free!)

    Is there anything that would be stupid/easy to do within Fedora that would compromise the os/data? Is anyone currently running this same system and enjoying it? Any tips? Also, is there a way to easily resize the root, home and swap partitions, or are they better set when initially installing the OS? I'd be reinstalling it anyway when I'm finally happy with it. Ooh, just thought of another thing - how light could the install be? I've taken off all the language support so far and it still boots okay although there were a lot of dependencies and I note OpenOffice has all but disappeared (although I wouldn't use it anyway).

    Well, thanks for reading this far :cooldude: I'd appreciate any of your kind assistance, even if it's a lmgtfy :thumb:
  2. thehippoz

    thehippoz What's a Dremel?

    19 Dec 2008
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    well when disconnecting things in linux I always run a sync then umount.. that's pretty much it

    resizing you'll have to look, I just fdisk and create but don't resize.. the swap is easy but you probably know it's better to run it all in memory if possible

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