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News AMD scores Fusion deal with Apple

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 11 Nov 2010.

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  1. perplekks45

    perplekks45 LIKE AN ANIMAL!

    9 May 2004
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    If, and as everyone can see, especially after Adnoctum's comment, it most likely won't be, this is somehow true Mac Pro users will not be very happy puppies.
  2. schmidtbag

    schmidtbag New Member

    30 Jul 2010
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    to me this is pretty big if apple is making this decision - amd's new line of CPUs really must be as good as they say it is if apple is actually deciding to use them after being with intel for 4 years. when apple switched to intel in 2006, core2 wasn't released yet but apple made the decision to switch because they knew how powerful core2 was. i'm assuming this situation is no different.

    i'm happy for amd, this is their chance to show that the little guy can still be the best
  3. HourBeforeDawn

    HourBeforeDawn a.k.a KazeModz

    26 Oct 2006
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    Im glad for AMD, I really am but why do I for some reason smell a lawsuit prevention move on Apples part? given how Intel heavy they normally are with their products I wouldnt be surprise if this deal was to prevent a possible lawsuit in some manner lol like with Dell and the other Intel only companies... but since I dont buy anything Apple anyways it doesnt matter to much to me lol.
  4. Turbotab

    Turbotab I don't touch type, I tard type

    4 Feb 2009
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    Fusion would be a great way for Apple to reduce the BOM on its Macbook Air, whilst possibly lowering power consumption, and of course price!!!
  5. Nikumba

    Nikumba Member

    29 Aug 2001
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    If this is true and Apple may swap to AMD CPU's I wonder how long it would be before nVidia is allowed to make IGP for the Intel i-chips?

  6. Adnoctum

    Adnoctum Kill_All_Humans

    27 Apr 2008
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    Never. Having gotten rid of the competition Intel is not the sort to let them back into bed.
    It is likely that Apple would do what they do now: Intel CPU/chipset and Nvidia/AMD discrete GPU.
    The random, idle speculation is that the Ivybridge integrated GPU is double the size of Sandybridge's (which surprisingly is actually OK). This may be enough to satisfy Apple's needs.

    If they do go AMD it would depend on how good Bulldozer is. They wouldn't burn bridges at Intel without good cause.
    It is possible that they may go Llano on the lower and mid end laptops or even Zacate on some ultra-thin models, while keeping Intel for high end laptops (which would have a discrete GPU) and desktops/workstations (ditto).
    Apple has never been one to make a big deal of the CPU branding (it detracts from Apple's own branding), so they could mix-n-match where appropriate. Most Apple customers wouldn't much care anyway.
  7. Snips

    Snips I can do dat, giz a job

    14 Sep 2010
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    Apple marketed their Intel partnership with the worldwide advertising campaign with the voice over by Kiefer stating they were setting the Intel CPU free when it was introduced to the Apple brand and OS. It would be a big deal if they took up AMD. However, as others have pointed out I don;t think they have.
  8. cgthomas

    cgthomas Cpt. Handsome

    20 Oct 2009
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    The future is blue - the furture is intel

    and here's another one for you haters :p

    The future is green - the future is nvidia

    blue + green = ugly green, but still powerful though

    This is such a troll post btw, I have to admit it
  9. Tangster

    Tangster Butt-kicking for goodness!

    23 May 2009
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    haha, typo in trolling post.:rock:
  10. Cthippo

    Cthippo Can't mod my way out of a paper bag

    7 Aug 2005
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    Could also be a shot across Intel's bows, a message that "no we don't have to pay whatever price you dream up".

    The integrated CPU/GPU makes a lot of sense for Apple products though.
  11. 1-0-1

    1-0-1 Nothing interesting to put here.

    8 Jan 2009
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    Who cares - only thing I can take out here that Apple products are trying to become more "downtown" ... but not. Given Apple's history this will not change much in terms of their product pricing to performance ratio.

    Cannot help but bring up this article:

  12. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    My prediction:

    Zacate in Mac Mini 2011.

    Why? Smaller footprint (2 chip), OpenCL support, cheap CPU, HDMI 1.4a: perfect for OSX and iTunes HDTV stuff.


    Llano in low-end iMac's: they never have much GPU power anyway, and Apple might go down the "omg it's super thin" route because it needs less PCB space.

    Apple already has plenty of experience with ATI hardware to date.
  13. [USRF]Obiwan

    [USRF]Obiwan New Member

    9 Apr 2003
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  14. Cei

    Cei pew pew pew

    22 Mar 2008
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    Err, guys, this is just lazy journalism.

    AMD have not signed jack **** with Apple in relation to Fusion. The slide was shown as an example of AMD/ATi's products being used by Apple - namely the 5770/5870 in the Mac Pro, and the 5670 etc. in the iMacs. No other Macs were shown, as funnily enough they use nVIDIA. If Apple were going to adopt Fusion you'd be seeing the Mac Mini as well at the very least. It was explicitly a slide on AMD's hardware partnership, as evidenced by the actual content of the talk:

    "Now let's talk a moment about the things we've done together. In this chart you're going to see some of the great products that our partners have introduced into the market. Remember a year ago, I shared with you "Watch out in this space, there will be a bunch of new products entering the market in 2010, products that you've never seen before from AMD." All of these products have been fairly successful into the marketplace, and it is fair to say that we have never had this level of successful products in the marketplace."

    The original source for the article has even changed http://gigaom.com/apple/amd-fusion-processors-coming-to-future-apple-computers/ to reflect that fact that this is made up fantasy, and even has a statement from AMD.

    Shame bit-tech, shame.
  15. Lizard

    Lizard @ Scan R&D

    17 Feb 2007
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    AMD has been in touch this afternoon and confirmed that bit-tech did draw the wrong conclusion from the presentation.

    In AMD's words 'we just wanted to let you know all of the slides from AMD’s Financial Analyst Day included the AMD Fusion corporate logo and Emilio Ghilardi’s slide was merely meant to convey that Apple iMacs and MacPros use AMD Radeon graphics'

    Because of this we've taken down the original news story as its misleading and will be locking this thread to prevent any further confusion.
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