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News AMD shows off Barcelona, R600, 45nm wafers

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 10 May 2007.

  1. Buzzons

    Buzzons Active Member

    21 Jul 2005
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    well all intel has to do to beat that is allow two quad core corequads on a board.. or just let people run xeons.. oh wait...??!?!?

    I mean WTF, if you want to go dual cpu, at least get a proper server side setup that lets each cpu address its own memory...

    Intel have been offering dual cpus for ages, (dual P2 anyone??!) so how is this AMDs brainchild to try to make them seem amazing? doubling the CPU count.. NOWAI!! makes it go faster!!.. Funny thing would be if the new 45nm Cores beat the 4x4 setup .. that would be darn funny... buy 2 cpus and get worse performance than... 1 CPU!

  2. identikit

    identikit Active Member

    5 Jun 2004
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    There's an obvious difference in server and workstation and desktop computing. 2 CPUs aren't your typical consumer product. Buzzons you're quite misinformed about why you would want/need 2 physical CPUs.

    Edit: People know that AMDs first 4x4 (2 CPUs, 2 cores) iteration was slower than Intels C2Q (1 CPU, 4 cores). This was a simple fact, that AMDs FX chips were not meant to be used in an traditional SMP configuration. AMD has only showcased the newer 4x4 because it now features 8 cores. Of course you could go out and buy a Dual Xeon with quad core CPUs, but how many average Joes do? Dual CPUs are for servers, workstations and enthusiasts (with too much money?!).
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