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News AMD to release new integrated chipset

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Da Dego, 14 Feb 2007.

  1. randosome

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    17 Sep 2006
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    If you read what i said, i said 24 digital pins, there are another 5 on top of that for analogue, but seeing as you may as well use a VGA cable they offer no real benefit (except to allow cheap monitors to use DVI getting rid of VGA cables)

    Well as they both use the same standard (i believe) then the only difference can be the number of conductors, surely DVI has 2-3 times as many pins for a reason

    On the sata power connector front, that actually only uses 4-5 wires, but has 15 pins, this is to distribute the current more evenly across the pins, allowing "hot plugging" to be done much better (if you've ever hot plugged a hard drive with a molex, you may have seen the large spark arking between the connector and pin - not a good sign as that is a large surge)

    There can be, i believe its used for staggered spin up (good for hot plugging) but most MFR's don't use it as most adaptor cables only have 5 and 12, thus meaning their drives wouldn't work
    a lot of good power supplies do have the extra 3.3v line connected though

    finally, back on topic, NDA's are the only way to get pre-launch experience, how do you think bit-tech always has these articles ready on the day of release, for eg the 8800GTX review that was launched

    At least i would assume that bit-tech will not go around releasing snippets of information (like this article) that are incorrect, they just wouldn't publish them
  2. airchie

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    22 Mar 2005
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    That's what I said wasn't it?
    Or were you just confirming for the other readers? :)
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