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News AMD unveils new APUs, SoCs and Radeon HD 8000 Series

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Gareth Halfacree, 8 Jan 2013.

  1. fluxtatic

    fluxtatic New Member

    25 Aug 2010
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Hondo's problem was the weak-ass processor, rather than the graphics? Now that I think about it, I could well be remembering wrong, since I heard nothing about other than the announcement that it was being released.

    Personally, about the only thing interesting to me is Jaguar update of Brazos - I'm running an E350 as a home server and will be putting a car pc in next summer based on another. Not bad for what it is (and what they cost), but a little more grunt would be appreciated.
  2. Metaporic

    Metaporic Member

    30 Apr 2009
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    In reference to the 8000 series, it seems that these re-badged cards are exclusively for OEM's, sort of like Nvidia did with the 100 and 300 series . The actual Sea Islands cards that where due this year wont hit retail for another few months and include the performance boosts etc. that we have been expecting.


    At least that's my understanding of the situation, AMD should have really done something regarding the naming however. I'm guessing AMD will just skip to calling Sea Islands the 9000 series, or confuse the matter by running two parallel 8000 series at once.

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