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Portable Android not switching wifi access points

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gcwebbyuk, 29 Sep 2013.

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    16 Feb 2010
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    I have recently extended my wifi network using a TP Link powerline wifi extender.

    I have two options:
    1 - use the same SSID as my Sky router
    2 - use a second SSID

    If I go for the first option, my laptop seems to switch nicely between the two access points, but the Android devices we use don't.

    If I go for the first, the Android devices switch, but the laptop doesn't. I have found ways of adjusting the threshold for intel wifi chips so that they switch to a stronger signal - but my Dell XPS 13 uses a Qualcomm Killer network adaptor, and I can't find any info on setting this.

    I have tried two apps on the Android devices - Best Wifi and WiFi Roaming Fix.

    They both seem to work to start with, but after a while they get into a loop switcing between the access points and I never end up with a wifi signal.

    My current part-solution is to turn off the wifi when the phone is sleeping, so that when it comes out of sleep it connects to the closest access point. This kinda works but is far from perfect.

    Any ideas would be welcomed!

    **** EDIT ****

    Just had a read through the Heleron.com forum, and found that they have just released an update yesterday for the HTC One X (the phone I use). Installed and it seems to work. Will test with my wife's phone later (HTC One SV) to see if that works correctly too.
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