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Another suggestion for a review

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Golden-1, 3 Mar 2011.

  1. Golden-1

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    23 Aug 2003
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    Ok. i was going to email this one in.. and as i have to nip to work in a few i'll just copy-pasta the email, and provide more details in the wee small hours of the AM. (when i get home. Graveyard shift Sucks.

    here's something that I've come across, that possibly bears reviewing on

    i know it's not computer/ modding/ Gaming related in almost any way, but
    it IS a caffeine delivery system, it IS cheap, and it makes *awesome*

    It's called the AeroPress, and it's frankly the simplest / quickest way
    of making coffee I've found.

    Indeed the first time i used it, i thought, "why has no one invented this

    It's available from Firebox (@£30) or Amazon, or Cream supplies, or indeed
    a number of places on line, so it's not exactly hard to find.

    The First time you get hold of one, nip out and get a tin of that Illy
    Espresso coffee, and a thermometer.

    Put the filter in the cap. connect cap to AeroPress, add two scoops of
    coffee, fill up to the top of the 2, with 80c water, stir (until you get
    that orangey crema floating on top of the water), then plunge *slowly*.

    Hey presto, a double espresso in less than 60 seconds.

    In fact there are *so many* ways of making coffee in here, i think i've
    stopped using all my *other* coffee makers.

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