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Antics 3D animation software now available as free download for Machinima production

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest-16, 4 Dec 2007.

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    Antics 3D animation software now available as free download for Machinima production

    Cambridge, UK, 4th December 2007 – Antics Technologies has today released a free version of its real-time animation software, providing users with a powerful tool for creating Machinima productions. Antics has also created a new forum where the Machinima community can exchange ideas, share animations and content as well as influence the future direction of the Antics product.

    Through the Antics web site, users can access a range of characters, sets and intelligent props, which will be updated and added to each month in response to user requests. Users will also have the option to directly import third party geometry and animation files as David Harragin, Product Marketing Director for Antics Technologies explains:

    “We have a strong philosophy of continual product improvement, open systems and sharing content at Antics. With Antics V3, machinimators can develop content for themselves and share this on the online forum. Being able to import .fbx, .3ds, and .bvh files into Antics really adds a new dimension to the product.”

    Fans of Antics will already be familiar with some of the software’s key features such as intelligent character interaction and animation, a comprehensive and flexible suite of camera tools and a fully integrated, powerful timeline. Antics users also benefit from the complete creative ownership of the videos they create in Antics.

    In Antics V3, machinimators can also enjoy:

    · Developed camera choreography - Improved camera shot management and choreography with camera pre-sets and auto-keyframing

    · Prop scaling – Increased flexibility through the ability to scale objects to the exact size required

    · Workflow and UI enhancements - Improved Asset management with a new hierarchical asset storage and content viewer

    Antics V3 is available for free download at: www.antics3d.com

    About Antics Technologies

    Antics Technologies provides revolutionary software that unlocks the capability of 3D animation for home and business users by allowing them to communicate concepts, convey information and produce great entertainment. Antics has combined the power of real-time games technology with the flexibility of high-end animation tools to create an inexpensive and easy to use complete animation tool. Antics is not only a standalone software offering users all of the necessary tools to create 3D animated productions, from set construction to real-time render, but also seamlessly integrates into existing workflows with its multiple 3rd party file support and output options. Antics was founded in the UK in 2001 and has offices in Cambridge, UK and Los Angeles, USA.

    Visit www.antics3d.com

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