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Disaster any of help?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by n0cturnull, 30 Aug 2008.

  1. n0cturnull

    n0cturnull Desperate to MOD!! =P

    30 Aug 2008
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    i am from Belgium(i am an Asian and its only 2 years since i moved here) and this is my problem;

    1. what is the product that is a good substitute of mondo or any other filler of such that is available here in Belgium?

    2. where can i find a store that selling that stuff(filler)? bcoz i dunno where can i find an auto shop that sells filler that is best for modding.

    any help will be very much appreciated.

    btw i am living in west flanders
  2. Tec_

    Tec_ What's a Dremel?

    26 Feb 2008
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    i think your talking about Bondo. and if that is the case any automotive store should carry some kind of body fill.

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