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Windows Anyone else notice the lack of pc games in the shops?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by damo_kb8, 10 Dec 2009.

  1. heavyglow

    heavyglow "MEDIC!"

    17 Sep 2009
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    I was shocked to discover that my local Game store replaced the pc shelf with used ps2 games and stacked all the crappy pc kids games in the baskets with pre-owned games.

    I guess it doesn't matter though because, like a few people above me said, digital distribution is the future. I generally buy my games from steam (love the weekend deals!), play.com or even game.co.uk since i still want to use their points system.
  2. Peter187

    Peter187 What is a Dremel?

    21 Jun 2006
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    EB Games generally has a large range of PC games compared to GAME. I think GAME have less deals on PC games and make most of their money with console games.
    It's a business decision to stock what sells.

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