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Other Anyone else on Sky Broadband having this issue?

Discussion in 'General' started by Behemoth, 14 Jun 2020.

  1. Behemoth

    Behemoth Timelord in training

    1 Nov 2001
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    For the last few weeks I have been unable to connect to my VPN service. I noticed it first on my phone and now on any of my desktops and laptops. It doesn't matter what connection type I try the result is always the same the connection fails every damn time!

    I've turned WiFi off on my phone and I can connect to my VPN with no hassle at all using 4G, great for when I'm out and about but not when I'm at home and need to get round the Sky Shield on the router. It also means when I do need to work from home I can't do a thing as even access to works VPN fails!

    I can't even access any VPN providers website, every browser I've tried times out.

    Just curious to know if anyone with Sky has the same problem or if its just something I'm doing?
  2. mrlongbeard

    mrlongbeard Multimodder

    31 Jan 2010
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    Nope, I only use a works VPN to get access to my lab, but it's not had any problem connecting.
  3. sandys

    sandys Multimodder

    26 Mar 2006
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    I'm using two VPNs on mine and my missus' work had no issues on Sky with mine, but my missus one will only work via wired connection to router, I don't think its a Sky issue as I have remote VPN'd to several companies via Sky issue free, I think it is more so a security thing from her work that her IT have been hopeless with, we can't figure out why it does that but wired is fine.
  4. blackerthanblack

    blackerthanblack Minimodder

    17 Sep 2004
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    I'm on Sky, and need to use a VPN for my work, without issue, and also on a couple of other devices. The wifi is pants though, which is why I got another cheap access point for that. Even the cheapo unit is miles better than the Sky Q router.

    So I'd agree with the points above that it's probably not a Sky issue in this case.
  5. edzieba

    edzieba Virtual Realist

    14 Jan 2009
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    Could be 'Sky Shield' has gone from as porous as a sieve to more of a colander, and has started blocking VPN connections that would circumvent it.

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