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Rant Anyone experienced TnT Delivery?

Discussion in 'General' started by crazyg1zm0, 4 Dec 2014.

  1. crazyg1zm0

    crazyg1zm0 Minimodder

    20 Feb 2007
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    Hi all.

    Has anyone else out there had any dealings with TNT either as the shipper of goods or as the receiving party of the goods?

    I ask because I'm on hold with them currently for what is going to be over 2 hours over the course of today and yesterday.

    The story goes, I ordered some hockey kit direct from the manufacturer in Belgium at the weekend, and they shipped it with TNT, No complaints with it all seems nice and quick gets to the UK within a couple of days looks like delivery will be Wednesday. I am happy as its been quicker than I expected.

    Wednesday and I get a call from the driver at 1pm, Hes outside my house and im at work, I expected this, I ask where the depot is and he says the location and well its a long way from where I work and where I Live so not easy to get to, I ask him if its possible for him to try re-deliver that day after 4pm (I was finishing earlier than normal) No go, Not a big deal I was just asking incase.

    the driver gives me all the details for the call centre so I can organise re-delivery, I ring up and explain the situation, Give my details to the girl on the phone and ask can I get it re-delivered to my work address please. She says not a problem takes the details and says it will be delivered today and wishes me a good afternoon.

    Now 3:30pm rolls around, and I have not got my parcel or a phone call regarding delivery issues, As the delivery would most likely go to our post-room I decide to check the website thinking its there and I will pop down get the package and get a brew while I am at it.

    the website informs me that it was out for delivery and the delivery failed, It is now back at the depot awaiting confirmation of the address as it was invalid..... Huh my work address definitely inst as i work in a large office with a big company logo on the front its impossible to miss.

    So I ring up, give over my details and ask whats happening? The lady inform's me that they tried to deliver to my old address again, as the change of delivery address can take more than 24 hours for the depot to receive and update :jawdrop: really??? that seems odd a few hours yes but over a day nah im not buying it. She then goes on to say that its not possible to make address changes over the phone and that the girl on the phone should never have said I would get my package today :wallbash: Followed swiftly by being on hold for about 45 mins while she spoke to the depot, and then comes back to tell me I need to go onto the website to request the re-delivery to a different address, and that because the depot my package is at do not deliver to the location of Manchester I work at, they will have to ship it to the other depot and then the other depot will have to deliver it to me. Forgetting the fact I'm not happy, I ask why was I told entirely differently yesterday and why the Girl on the phone never told me that I can only request the re-delivery on line?

    But wait there's more...

    I then go onto their website to request this re-delivery as they don't deliver on Saturday (it seems royal mail spoil me with Saturday delivery) and the form fails and spits out an error saying I have to ring them and request it over the phone. :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: At this point I am ready to shout down the phone at the next person from TNT and makes sure the surfer some hearing damage.

    I ring back and get another nice girl who seems happy to help (i take down her name just incase) and explain the situation, She then goes and trys to request my re-delivery and it doesn't let her. This brings me to the call I just got off (this took a while to write). She has got my delivery requested and when she got off the phone to the depot said it will be out for delivery tomorrow. My first reaction was WHAT!!!!!!! and got her to ring the depot and check if this means I will get it tomorrow or if it will arrive at the depot tomorrow and I will get it on Monday. Good news is looks like I will get it tomorrow afternoon on the afternoon delivery. I will say the girl at the end was the most helpful out of them all in hindsight.

    Now before this I have never had dealings with TNT but have seen them making deliveries and stuff near my house and work, but after this I am left with a massively sour taste of what appears to be incompetence in my mouth. If the first girl had said you need to do this online, I would have tried, Failed at lunch time yesterday, Rang up organised and seeming received this package today with very few issues. instead of spending a couple of hours today on hold and on the phone being told different things by different people only to be back on the phone again when something went wrong.

    Overall the delivery time isn't bad i will say, Post coming from outside the UK and I will have it (hopefully) in 5 days im still happy about, But the phone staff have really made me hate TNT, also im very frustrated by the fact they cant deliver to the city centre from the depot that have my parcel and that it has to go to another first and that their call centre seem to have no idea of this fact that seems quite important to delivery time frames is beyond me.

    /Rant Over

    Anyone else had issues with TNT or any delivery company (considering the time of year i suspect so)
  2. Cei

    Cei pew pew pew

    22 Mar 2008
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    Apple deliver with TNT or UPS, which means I've had a lot of deliveries from them over the last decade or so. Generally they've been perfectly fine, even dealing with redelivery attempts and changes of delivery address.

    Saying that, I had one parcel (well, two, single consignment) this week with TNT that went a bit wrong. They tried to delivery, was out, fair cop, so wife asked them to redeliver to her work. Apparently they simply then forgot to put it on the van, and got it out the following day. Other than that bit of silliness it was fine.
  3. Weekly_Estimate

    Weekly_Estimate Gives credit where its due

    1 Feb 2010
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    Yodel made me want to jump off a bridge...

    60 Mile round trip to get my parcels and speak to horrible staff in which the Manager wouldn't come out of hiding?

    Screw that company srs
  4. Mr_Mistoffelees

    Mr_Mistoffelees Has got a bike, you can ride it if you like,

    26 Aug 2014
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    I would handle TNT delivery very carefully, you don't want to blow your hands off, or worse. :worried:
  5. Flibblebot

    Flibblebot Smile with me

    19 Apr 2005
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    Don't get me started on couriers. Mister_Tad and I have just discovered possible the worst courier driver in history. TL;DR version: package didn't arrive when promised, courier swore blind that he had attempted multiple deliveries. When asked for proof, they showed one photo of a thumb over the lens and one picture of completely the wrong house. Photos also showed that the delivery address that the courier had was mangled beyond recognition from what had been originally provided (i.e. not the address that I gave or Mister_Tad entered).

    In the end, the parcel was returned to Mister_Tad because they'd already tried to deliver twice, and it's now on its way back to me via good old Royal Mail :sigh:
  6. mrbungle

    mrbungle Undercooked chicken giver

    20 Sep 2004
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    With couriers you have to either know their routine because trying t get them to change address etc results in chaos usually.

    Parcelforce take back to a local post office so no worries there about not being in for them.

    Collect+ however don't have depots, so if their courier gets to mine at 9am everyday as part of his round there is nothing I can do apart from return to sender (since moved and could prob chance a neighbour here)

    DPD are pretty awesome, can see the delivery driver online, give you a accurate window, and I recently told the delivery driver 15 minutes before he got to my address to drop it on the doorstep because my Mrs was going to miss him by ten minutes (all done online). He left it on the doorstep, with a couple of pictures for good measure. Was fantastic!

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