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Windows ARMA 2 fundamental flaws??

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bbshammo, 2 Sep 2010.

  1. bbshammo

    bbshammo What's a Dremel?

    23 Mar 2008
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    Hi all.

    When will BIS hire someone who knows how to make games?

    I mean I've just reached the "sandstorm", or large scale tank battle mission in Operation Arrowhead and realised just how broken this game really is. Even after the 1.54 patch.

    I've always supported BIS and the ARMA series, since loving the original OFP back in the day, but reached a point where I can't support them any more.

    1. Why is the tank ai and path-finding so ridiculously bad? So bad I just end up abandoning any ai support as they invariably mess things up by moving into your line of fire, getting stuck on walls, driving repeatedly into each other, and so on and so on...

    2. It seems that giving your ai the order to "hold fire" is more a gentle request than an order, as they sometimes obey, and mostly don't, giving you away miles before you reach your flanking position, for example.

    3. Why on earth have BIS decided to punish players by not letting their user saves last throughout the mission? By this I mean, if I reach half way through a really tough mission I sometimes want to save in case I get cheated by the game's flaws later on. When eventually I do get my M1 Abrams taken out by a T34 (WW2 tank btw!!!!) from 3+ km away in a single shot, whilst charging along at full speed, the game decides to overwrite my original save point!

    4. Why do real world constraints like LINE OF SIGHT and OBSCURED VISION not apply to the AI? For example, two tanks in front of you, a mile away, one behind the other, and you take out the first causing a huge explosion and smoke etc... Then moments later, the guy behind manages to fire a perfect shot, BLIND, through all this smoke and fire at you, a moving target, and destroy you. By the way, it seems there's no difference between a modern world class battle tank and an antique WW2 bucket of rust, according to the game's structure and AI.

    Seriously all the pretensions about "simulation" and "quality" are just a plain lie. They're nothing more than aspirations of the development team at BIS, rather than actual aspects of the game.

    BIS pull your finger out and learn that quality matters.

    You come across as a bunch of amateurs who's efforts are repeatedly bested by casual modders; see the quality of maps and missions created by said fans compared to BIS's own.
  2. Showerhead

    Showerhead What's a Dremel?

    11 Jan 2010
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    You're doing better than me mine CTD at the main menu after i apply any patch i can only play it unpatched and then it's so unstable as to be unplayable.
  3. robots

    robots What's a Dremel?

    27 May 2010
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    Yeah their game is so damn clunky and quirky it's infuriating at times. I also find the game to be pretty boring and it only keeps my interest if I play it rarely, for short bursts.

    I think an argument others will say is that the single player elements had little focus, and the bulk of the game is the online multiplayer which is really good. That's true as well, but still, it's just an excuse to cover up the crappy single player side of the game. The single player campaign in the original game is one of the crappiest things I've ever played.
  4. EvilMerc

    EvilMerc Minimodder

    1 Feb 2010
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    Ignore the SP, stick to the MP and it's brilliant.

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