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Hardware Asus ROG Claymore Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Dogbert666, 14 Feb 2017.

  1. FaIIen

    FaIIen origami killer

    31 Dec 2001
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    Let me remind you we're talking about switches, plastic thingies with springs inside. This product is way overpriced. You are going to be typing, your life does not rely on it . Usually extreme sports gear is overpriced and you can say ok if my life depends on it, but a keyboard? In reality Its a novelty item and it shouldn't go for that price.

    Yes the asus has more features? Do you really need the detachable numpad and change of layout or dedicated media controlls??? Duno i would rather spend 200 quid extra on a cpu , gpu or extra pizza. It also sounds a bit ridiculous that you spent so much money on something so basic as akeyboard. Whats next ? Overpriced Led mousepads...oh wait.
  2. davido_labido

    davido_labido Your Alphacool Contact.

    11 Oct 2013
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    The keyboard isn't for people who are looking for an expensive CPU or a keyboard, this is for those who want more from a keyboard and usually will have a good enough system to warrant it.

    I have a few £250+ keyboards, even a £400+ that I have bought. I love them, do they do a huge deal more than a standard board, not really. Do I prefer them over a normal keyboard? Hell yeah! Are they worth the money? Well, yes, to me they are, I spend a lot of my time writing and using my keyboard physically, it gets used more than anything else on my computer.

    I am not defending the price of the Claymore, £200 is a lot of money. A lot of people won't want to pay £200 for a keyboard and those people are not the targeted audience. There are plenty of cheaper boards on the market that will suit you fine. I personally wouldn't buy a Claymore due to me having to mod it so much to tweak it to how I like it and that would cost me another £130. I would rather buy a custom board to start with :D

    It IS an extreme board, but it is very nice to use and certainly has its merits, for those who want to benefit from it and will use it a lot, price isn't generally an issue, people will pay if it is worth it to them :)
  3. Anfield

    Anfield Multimodder

    15 Jan 2010
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    I spend hours each day looking at the monitor, so I'm fine with spending a lot on it.
    I spend hours each day touching the keyboard and mouse, so I'm fine with spending a lot on those.
    Led mousepad? Wouldn't even use one if I got it for free.
  4. azrael-

    azrael- I'm special...

    18 May 2008
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    I couldn't quite glean it from the review, but is the software aware of the position of the numpad? Would be cool if you could define presets, and the software selects them based on the position.
  5. JAMF

    JAMF What's a Dremel?

    17 Feb 2009
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    So it is kinda like Gigabyte's Aorus Thunder K7... except the numpad unit of the K7 can be used detached from the keyboard, which IMHO is a BIG plus.

    http://www.aorus.com/Product/Features/THUNDER K7

    Now if only they moved the cursor and HOME/DEL/etc. cluster onto the numpad unit, that would be well nice.
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