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Motherboards ASUS Sabertooth Z87

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by badsector, 28 Aug 2013.

  1. badsector

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    17 Apr 2010
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    A week or two ago on a whim I decided to upgrade my PC, and visited the local Novatech store and bought all the parts for a new PC. I briefly considered a pre-built system from Scan, and the components they used heavily influenced my choice. The main choice was Sabertooth or Hero VI motherboard. I chose the Sabertooth - but I can't say why.

    I am using it with a i7 4770K and with the stock Intel HSF I got a 4.3GHz overclock (under stress). With a Corsair H60 fitted I get a 4.5Ghz overclock, albeit @1.3V core voltage - temps 80-90degC. I'm now considering trying water cooling for the first time, but mainly to keep the noise down.

    There are quite a few choices in the BIOS, and it took me a while and a number of YouTube videos before I figured out what to do to overclock the CPU.

    My main concern is the CPU core voltage control. After booting Windows 8.1 (eval) I run the ASUS utility to monitor temps and voltages. I chose MANUAL for CPU core voltage and entered 1.2V, so I was surprised to see 1.35V displayed for each core in this utility when running Prime (@4.5GHz). I have played with AUTO setting, but it is as if this motherboard has a mind of its own. I would be interested in the observations of any other owners.

    Also are there any other tweaks to eke out that final 0.1Ghz of overclock?

    Another question - although not specific to this motherboard - can I run two monitors from the on-board Haswell video controller? I don't play games and it would be nice to use the on-chip video in order to eliminate a video card and its (usually) noisy fans.

    The on-board video over HDMI gives a nice sharp picture on my Hyundai IPS. When I replaced it with a Nvidia graphics card over DVI, I was surprised that the picture seemed less sharp (going by the BIOS boot screen).
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    Guest-16 Guest

    1) Try the Maximus VI BIOS guides. The fundementals will work for Saber Z87 too: http://rog.asus.com/guides/
    2) You can run up to 3 monitors from onboard Haswell, or two up to 4K over DP.
    3) Your monitor may have different signal processing for each input, or, likely the BIOS can't detect the native resolution via the PCIe card so it's a lower-than-native res instead. As the GPU BIOS is integrated into the MB BIOS these can talk to each other when you use onboard outputs.

    (Sorry for the late reply I missed this thread)

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