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Graphics ATI Card for media PC, SE or not SE edition?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Muzza, 4 Nov 2005.

  1. Muzza

    Muzza What's a Dremel?

    22 Jul 2002
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    need some advice, I'm building a media PC and am looking for a graphics card.
    For the forseeable future (at least 2 years) my display is going to be a 28" CRT.

    I've read you can make or buy a cable to connect a VGA output to an RGB SCART input, but only ATI cards output the correct signal, hence why my selection has to be ATI based to get the best image.

    My media pc will only be used as an mp3 server, displaying tv shows in xvid/divx or displaying recorded tv from a DVB-t capture card, maybe dvd's but probably not live tv as my CRT has integrated DVB-T and not games as the resolutions wont be high enough and i have another PC for that!

    As my system will be MCE 2005 based, the card needs to be DX9 comliant, this means the minimum full dx9 compliant agp card is a Radeon 9550.

    I would like a silent one, preferably low profile as i've not decided on my case yet and want to keep my options open.

    So, using Gigabytes products as an example
    I could go for the GV-R955128T which has the 64 bit memory bus.

    Is this a really bad idea or for my uses will it be fine?

    Sorry about the lenght of post! :rolleyes:

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