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Modding Attaching SSD with command strips?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by jazzzyj, 19 Sep 2013.

  1. jazzzyj

    jazzzyj Minimodder

    2 Apr 2002
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    So, I've got me an SSD but of course the screw mounts place the drive in a different place so the sata and power plugs don't line up with my custom length cables.
    Is there going to be any problems with using the command strips (the ones for sticking posters to the wall) to attach the SSD to the hard disc tray?

  2. TheMadDutchDude

    TheMadDutchDude The Flying Dutchman

    23 Aug 2013
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    None at all. :)

    I've seen them attached with Velcro and all sorts in the past.

    My dads case didn't have enough room in it (old school mATX case) so I just left it dangling there for about a year. They're so light. It's no problem at all.

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