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Awesome Companies Thread

Discussion in 'Serious' started by d_stilgar, 14 Nov 2013.

  1. d_stilgar

    d_stilgar Old School Modder

    11 Feb 2010
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    Well, since there's the Name and Shame thread, I figured I would make the opposite where you can share your stories of companies that are going above and beyond your expectations to give you great service and amazing products.

    I'll start.

    I got a new Keen backpack last spring which I've taken travelling and used for carrying things to and from school. It gets used every day and I love it.

    Well, a few days ago I was unclipping one of the buckles and it broke. Only one side of the clip broke, and it still worked more or less, but it was broken and is less than a year old.

    I opened a warranty claim on their website, attached photos of the damage, identified my product, and asked for a replacement clip, and maybe a few just in case it happens again in the future.

    They replied that they no longer make the product and that they have no extra clips, and gave me a $130 coupon code for their online store. This was great. I was really happy and impressed. Their backpacks are expensive and I could have gotten a similar backpack for $120, but instead got three pairs of shoes, one each for my wife, son and I.

    Then today I get an email that the shoes I ordered for my wife are out of stock. We had paid $36 for them, but they added $40 back onto the coupon code.

    Keen is a great company that makes really awesome products, and they treat their customers well. I loved them before, but I love them more now. This is the way you make people feel good after things go wrong. This is how you get a customer from feeling bad about something to totally forgetting about it and loving you.

    So, go shop at Keen now if you need some really comfortable shoes.
  2. Guinevere

    Guinevere Mega Mom

    8 May 2010
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    Even though they're certainly the big boys, I've got to give a nod to Amazon for their stock range, their 'it just works' returns policy, the competitive pricing and usually free delivery. Ticks all the right boxes.
  3. adrock

    adrock Caninus Nervous Rex

    5 Dec 2006
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    yeah, amazon do try really hard. only just realised this week i can stream anything (with UK licensing) i've bought on vinyl from them to my phone, saves me redeeming the vouchers you get for mp3s of the tracks and sticking them in itunes so itunes match can do it's bit then i can stream to my phone.

    Also, i'd like to give quietpc a shout out. They sent me a replacement fan for a zalman cooler, free of charge, no postage, despite the fact i'd bought it from either scan or ocuk.

    also mdpc-x, it's a very limited range of stuff but they do it very very well, and the customer service i've had has been fantastic.

    Also, despite the fact they've been bought by sky, be, or bethere, have been a great ISP for me. you can raise a support ticket, request a technical person call you back and sort issues out in minutes, with no scripted nonsense or answering questions that aren't relevant.
  4. bdigital

    bdigital Is re-building his PC again

    10 Aug 2010
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    Lensesforhire.co.uk are the nuts. Bend over backwards to help you, easy to use online service and competitive pricing.

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  5. RTT

    RTT #parp

    12 Mar 2001
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    Not that they pay any tax in the process of course :hehe:
  6. erratum1

    erratum1 What's a Dremel?

    30 Apr 2009
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    NSFW NSFW www.l ovehoney.co.uk NSFW NSFW

    Not sure how they do this and stay in business.

    A 'friend' of mine bought a fleshlight used it for a few months and decided it wasn't for them sent it back and got a full refund.

    What is worrying is that the next review on the product said "the fleshlight is great but it was missing the free sachet of lube"

    Eww ..sloppy seconds on an artificial vagina..that's sinking pretty low.
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  7. Margo Baggins

    Margo Baggins I'm good at Soldering Super Moderator

    28 May 2010
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    A friend aye ;)
  8. Fishlock

    Fishlock .o0o.

    22 Nov 2004
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    Heinnie Haynes

    I know there's a few people on here who like air soft and similar things, collect knives and just generally like 'kit'. Amazing customer service and stunningly fast delivery. Some people may even do a job where this stuff is useful.
  9. skunkmunkey

    skunkmunkey Minimodder

    15 Jul 2007
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    Sennheiser were awesome when returning my HD580 headphones, I broke the socket where the cable attaches/detaches and advised them of this. Even so they still sent me a brand new set out the very next day and collected the old ones, all free of charge. Now while this is good, the next part is even better!

    almost 3 months out of warranty my HD580s died, no sound from the left earphone. I called Sennheiser to try and order a new speaker however they came up with a much better solution. Pay £50 (£16 cheaper than a new speaker) and get upgraded to the HD650's which I subsequently did. Still going strong 4 years later :)
  10. mucgoo

    mucgoo Minimodder

    9 Dec 2010
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    That's because, as has been discussed previously, their not a profitable company at the moment.
  11. Kovoet

    Kovoet What's a Dremel?

    26 Aug 2009
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    For me so far it's Amazon which has been brilliant for me.
    Logitech for the way they're always willing to go out of there way to help.
    OCUK for the way they have improved leaps and bounds over the last year or so and are brilliant to deal with.
    Asus just for their product and they have never let me down since the days of P4P800E which seems like centuries ago
  12. jinq-sea

    jinq-sea 'write that down in your copy book' Super Moderator

    15 Oct 2012
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    What's a fleshlight? Is it something used to illuminate one's skin?

    I daren't click the link if it's NSFW (I'm at W)
  13. julianmartin

    julianmartin resident cyborg.

    25 Jul 2004
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    Think flashlight shaped object that is somewhat...hollow.

    I understand the praise for Amazon, but it really does come at a price. The corporate side of their business is extremely unethical in terms of tax avoidance and how they treat their employees.

    John Lewis in general, be it Waitrose or the Department store is my nomination.
  14. Pete J

    Pete J Employed scum

    28 Sep 2009
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    I'd like to add my support for Amazon. A few years ago, when Amazon Prime was launched, I opted in to one month's free membership with the understanding that I would have to cancel it before the month was up if I wasn't interested (as stated in the terms and conditions). Lo and behold, I forgot to cancel and ended up paying for another month - I was annoyed but only with myself for forgetting.

    A few days later, I received an email from Amazon saying that they had noticed I had cancelled the membership without ordering anything further and so would refund the money (which they did)!

    OCUK and Scan are also lovely companies to deal with. Lucky for me I actually live only a few miles from OCUK and so can drop by after work whenever I buy something - money saved on postage and I get it quicker!
  15. tuk

    tuk Don't Tase Me, Bro!

    28 Oct 2012
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    Amazon, cos they have no equal ...& contrary to the media stories they do in fact pay tax.
  16. lancer778544

    lancer778544 Multimodder

    5 Jan 2011
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    I think a few people will agree with me here; Logitech.

    I've dealt with them a few times and had great service everytime.

    I'd also recommend Lovehoney and Bondara :worried:
  17. Kronos

    Kronos Multimodder

    6 Nov 2009
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    Agree with Logitech and has been mentioned OCUK has really improved whereas I feel Scan has gone backward and after a recent experience will not use again.

    Oddly I would like to nominate Collect + as once I got past the useless customer service and appealed directly to the chief executive he passed me to someone who really could not have done enough to sort the situation.

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