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Storage bad Samsung HD103SJ

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by sourdough, 1 Jun 2013.

  1. sourdough

    sourdough Minimodder

    17 Sep 2010
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    [Solved] - It is partitioned to 100 Gb C: and rest D:. D is the boot drive. It has hardly anything on it apart from the OS XP, it's 99% free. Crystaldiskinfo says it is bad so I scheduled a chkdsk on D: on the next reboot. Stage 1 to 4 only took a few minutes to complete, didn't see any errors. It is now stuck on "Free space verification is complete". The disk light is ON. Shall I wait? and if I hard reset, how would I stop chkdsk from starting again because Press Any Key doesn't seem to work.
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  2. Atomic

    Atomic Gerwaff

    6 May 2002
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    You need one of these then :D

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