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Rant Bah, this is a risky thread, but...

Discussion in 'General' started by Major, 1 Nov 2007.

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    MRMOBEUS. Voided Rev-Hoe-lutionary

    27 Jun 2007
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    Hey guys, I like Necro have been working with CK for sometime now, and it has been apparent to me for sometime that two things stand out...
    1.) there 'may' be some mental issues there which I am confident CK will know I am saying that with the utmost respect intended!!
    and that he was seeing a doctor ( not sure about now tho... )
    2.) the language barrier has always been a problem. now I know someone said he was offered help but didn't take it in...
    I know personally from having a mental disorder that sometimes 'stuff' can become a mess in my head and it is extremely hard to consentrate!
    I myself have these issues under control because of my meds I take constantly!

    He is a member on our site ( necro and i are chief admins at Voided Warranty... ) and instead of the usual easy way out and banning him, we actually gave the kid a chance. and he's been a good member! ok, there are times when he can be a bit outspoken, but we all kinda take it with a pinch 'a' salt on Vw because we know what he's like!
    I suppose its like verbal tourettes ( yeah i made that one up! )
    Now you wouldn't ban some one from lets say a resteraunt because they had tourettes would ya?
    I though we in the uk were A bit more accepting and hospitable in this day and age? yet it seems to me that because he's a bit 'slow' ( sorry CK, can't think of a pc word off the bat! but you know what I mean?! ) and an Arab with a different religeon BAM, he's an outcast! I woulda thought with the ammount of support in this thread the admin team would at least consider giving the kid a bit of slack, just let him know in an easy to understand manner that he has to try to tame himself a bit and take what some people (especially the haters ) say with a pinch 'a' salt!
    well thats my rant over! I apologize to the admins if this post is a bit on the retaliateory side, I'm just giving you my insight into the freigh!

    Thanks, Paul;)
  2. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    Matt, I'm this close to telling you to get to ****, in fact the mods are discussing this atm. The type of person that basically abuses someone else's impressionable nature, incites them to commit horrific acts and is generally complete disrespect for Moslems in general is not the kind of person we want on here or to be associated with us. The only reason why you haven't gone packing so far is because it was "off forum" but the fact you're both here and met through bit makes the whole situation particularly stressful for us considering the topics of discussion.

    Necro - I appreciate keeping us informed, and if anything happens like that again don't hesitate to contact a mod about it.

    Mobeus - the moderators and staff have given CK a significant proportion of our time and tutoring in how to conduct himself on many occasions, and even despite calls for his removal early on he remained until he posted unsavoury stuff in the threads previously discussed. When we told him not to he went off on a childish rampage and that was simply enough. Please don't think because the end result is what it is, all of us on the moderating team haven't tried to defend and work with our members where possible - I'm 110% behind and thankful to all the mods on here and to the forumites who have continually publically and privately supported another member.

    This has been discussed to death now so please, mind the doors.
  3. Nexxo

    Nexxo * Prefab Sprout – The King of Rock 'n' Roll

    23 Oct 2001
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    One more thing (Sorry Bindi). As a clinical psychologist I am somewhat concerned about the casualness with which some people discuss CK's personal mental health issues on a public forum, and feel able to make judgments on them. I would like to remind them to leave such things to the professionals and to respect people's confidentiality, especially when they are not here to speak for themselves.

    @ MRMOBEUS: It is good to be generally supportive of a forum member who may be going through difficult times, and much respect is due to you for having your heart in the right place, but I strongly suggest that you need to remind yourself that you cannot be his "Great White Father" and criticise other moderators for how they (should have) treated your poor Arab protege. As Bindi says, the mods and staff here have given him a lot of attention and consideration, and if you will scan back to the top of this post and take in my profession (which includes cross-cultural psychology and mental health qualifications, by the way) you may gather that his "verbal tourette's" was evaluated and factored into these considerations. Sorry if that sounds retaliatory, but those are my insights.

    Moreover, just to reiterate for those joining the programme late: CK left of his own accord. We did not close his account until afterwards.
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