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Windows Batch file to connect to printer

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by stjimmy69, 2 Aug 2013.

  1. stjimmy69

    stjimmy69 New Member

    19 Jul 2012
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    I need to create a Batch file to connect to a printer's web interface. These printers are visible within Active Directory for the domain and usable by all customers on the network.
    All printers have a name assigned to them which the customer uses to add the printer to their profile. The IP address for the printer, required to connect, is located under the "port" column within AD.

    I am designing a small GUI for general printer maintenance and have incorporated a few small batch files for various commands (checking build types, exporting group membership from AD and checking installations) but require one that fulfills the following:

    A desk agent enters the name of the printer and the Batch file launches an Internet Explorer window which navigates to the web interface (via the IP address in the Port section) of the printer.
    The agent should not see the IP of the printer, they should simply be prompted to enter the name and see the resulting window.

    I have tried various renditions of DSQuery but cannot find one that works.
    Any ideas? I could result to jscript or vb if necessary but both of those would have to go through a fairly costly audit process before release, whereas Batch files do not.

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