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News Battlefield 2042 adds five specialists in wake of beta feedback

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 22 Oct 2021.

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    12 Mar 2001
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  2. The_Crapman

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    5 Dec 2011
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    I didn't get to play the test, as for some reason being gifted a pre-order through steam doesn't register that I have a copy and still insisted i buy a copy to play the beta. It does seem that the "specialists" thing is something they've taken straight from rainbow 6 operators (I'm surprised there isn't a Deng Chivaz) to diversify the previous class system. Only time (and a LOT of balancing changes) will tell if it works, I imagine there will be more released for season pass holders down the line too. I think it could easily have been done within the previous class system and loadout changes, but it's more difficult to justify charging people for it than "new specialists pack".
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