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Gaming Battlefield 3 PC Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 28 Oct 2011.

  1. impar

    impar Well-Known Member

    24 Nov 2006
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    Should read the original article from Der Spiegel.
    Even if you wish to brush away the privacy concerns Origins T&C causes, or just dont see a problem in those T&C, those T&C may be illegal under german law.
    It has sounded so many alarm bells that a german state is looking into it.
    And EA Germany reacted to the concerns by re-writing Origins T&C, again.
  2. Kaihekoa

    Kaihekoa New Member

    26 May 2010
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    Negative, EA won't be selling it on Steam due to monopolistic aspirations. Pretty soon they'll cut out all the digital distribution competition, and Origin will be the only place to buy their games digitally. Guaranteed unless government intervenes.
  3. mongpong

    mongpong New Member

    28 Apr 2011
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    An why would the Government intervene? It's not monopolising for the only place to buy EA download is from EA - they will still have hard copies in shops and as far as I am aware there are no EA game stores on high streets.

    It's the same as saying the Government should stop Marks and Spencers being the only place to buy Marks and Spencers own brand goods!

    This argument is really starting to get annoying as there is such a distinct lack of any common sense in the views of the so called Evil EA Empire.

    All of a sudden a few other places want to sell digital downloads and they are the evil ones apparently...Steam by your argument is surely the most evil of them all as having close to nill competition until now!? And of course you'll say that the difference is that Steam sell games from lots of distributers...so what? They also stop a hell of a lot companies selling through them due to what they deem non-commercial to their core base...why are they telling me what i will and won't like? Who are they to tell me what games i should be playing?

    Get a grip, everyone. I love Steam but i also have no issues with EA having a digital download market. I have literally no idea why people feel the need to take sides with either company on this.
  4. ModaRobby

    ModaRobby New Member

    5 Aug 2009
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    You failed to mention the inability to Alt+tab out in the middle of a multiplayer match without the game crashing/closing. Not to mention the serious issues I've had getting my OC'ed GTX 460 to run the multiplayer (let alone the campaign at all) on a 1440x900 monitor.
  5. Baz

    Baz I work for Corsair

    13 Jan 2005
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    The reason we failed to mention this is because we haven't encountered these issues at all, on any of the 16 GPUs we've tested with the game. In fact, due to battelog, BF3 is very alt-tab friendly; I frequently alt-tab out mid-multiplayer with no ill effects.

    1440 x 900 isn't the most common of resolutions, so I can't say we've tested that though.
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