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News Battlefield 4 banned in China

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Meanmotion, 30 Dec 2013.

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    7 Jan 2011
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    More like that the Chinese government is hyper-sensitive to any criticism. Strange to be semi-siding with a dictatorship, over the West's democratic system, however imperfect the latter is. I know I'd take the West's political and economic system any day over the Chinese system. Do you know how many Chinese are in the Laogai (Chinese gulag). There are at least over 1000 of these forced labour camps still in operation, with hundreds of thousands of men and women forced to work. In the last 50 years it is estimated that over 50 million men and women were sent to these slave labour camps. Lets not forget the so called Great Leap Forward of 1958-61, which cost the lives of around 30 million Chinese, and the Cultural Revolution which cost the lives of around another 15 million.
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