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Motherboards Best MB for 3300X overclocking

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by grimerking, 12 Jul 2020.

  1. wyx087

    wyx087 Homeworld 3 is happening!!

    15 Aug 2007
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    In settings enable DOCP and select your RAM to advertised speed. Otherwise you'd be running at 2666MHz (IIRC?) rather than advertised 3000+.

    Other than that, nothing else really need changing. I disabled boot logo because I dislike any branding. Shortened boot delay to minimum 1s. Enabled wake by PCIe to enable WOL.

    Also, do make sure you are on latest version of BIOS.
  2. grimerking

    grimerking Member

    26 Apr 2009
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    Thanks for reminding me to update the BIOS. I've enabled DOCP.

    Some people have mentioned RAM timings and RAM speed being critical for Ryzen CPUs. This is the RAM I bought:

    32GB (2x16GB) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance RGB PRO Black, PC4-25600 (3200), Non-ECC Unbuff, CAS 16-18-18-36, RGB LED, 1.35V

    Any suggestions regarding the best settings? Should I try to bump it up to 3600MHz or play with the timings?

    Also, is the Wraith Prism any good for a 3700X? Will it prevent the CPU fully boosting to its maximum speed?
  3. Bloody_Pete

    Bloody_Pete Technophile

    11 Aug 2008
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    Just set the RAM profile (intel calls it XPM, I can't remember what AMD calls it) and leave it at that. RAM OC for all but the most high end stuff is fairly meh, plus you'll just be wishing instability onto yourself. The Wraith cooler is fairly good from what I've seen, will probably run fairly loud but stould allow most if not all performance. Because these chips boost to power and thermal limits there's not a max speed per se, but a target its aiming to hit, which is won't do under all workloads. It'll microboost fine, which is what most workloads need anyway.

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