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Displays Best way to connect Montiors/Dock/Kvm?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by N4N01D, 30 Sep 2015.

  1. N4N01D

    N4N01D What's a Dremel?

    29 Apr 2004
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    Hopefully someone could help with pointing out the most optimal way of connecting the following dual screen setup -

    2x Dell (U2414H) - 2 HDMI(MHL), DP In, DP Out, Mini DP In, USB3
    1x Kensington (SD3500v) USB3 Dock - 1x HDMI, 1x DVI, USB3 (For my laptop)
    1x KVM (4-Port) - 4x (1xVGA, USB Out) / 1x (VGA, USB In)

    1x PC 2x DVI, USB3
    1x Server 1x VGA, USB
    USB Keyboard/Mouse

    As the KVM is only a single screen I dont mind that only 1 screen will be used through the KVM, but I'd like to connect the second direct to the PC/Dock etc.

    If this was your setup, how would you cable up this and what adapters would you use (DVI -> HDMI etc) I've so far come up with about 3 to 4 different ways but am not up to speed on the newer technologes in DP (i.e. chaining etc) and if you convert what you lose etc.

    Any help would be really much appreciated guys!


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