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Motors Best way to sell used car?

Discussion in 'General' started by wyx087, 4 Aug 2022.

  1. wyx087

    wyx087 Homeworld 3 is happening!!

    15 Aug 2007
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    Tell me about it..... I blame the post code, honest!
    I count my blessing in the sense that the insurance on the Model Y is about similar to a 9-12 years old Mercedes C class coupe I had about 5-7 years ago (the car before Skoda and having kids). But the Y is more powerful, aluminium panels and much higher value.

    But that reminds me, I've got a few hundreds to claim back by cancelling insurance for Skoda.

    Yeah, spreadsheet for All the things! I used Fuelly to track dino-juice refuels. Now it's all built-in to car, Nissan have CarWings. Tesla reports via their API and I run TeslaMate on my server to log all that data.

    I see the Skoda Octavia has been advertised now:

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