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Mod of the Year bit-tech Mod of the Year 2017 in Association with Corsair

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by bit-tech, 22 Dec 2017.

  1. MPC

    MPC Member

    24 Oct 2015
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    Thank you very much for the nomination, I am honored !
  2. Vault-Tec

    Vault-Tec Green Plastic Watering Can

    30 Aug 2015
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    I won modding update without even knowing I had been entered lmao. I was busy beavering away on my build and got a PM telling me I had won, and prizes too pmsl. You could have knocked me over with a feather ! I took second in MOTM and I was thrilled with that. I don't usually like competing, so I decided to hang up my hat then, but yeah it proves that even a modder with nothing but a Dremel can get stuck in :) It's about the ideas and design, IMO, not the tools and equipment. Well, providing you are a bit of a perfectionist (I had to make a problematic panel twice because the paint phase went wrong).

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