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Bit-Tech waking up in the morning thread

Discussion in 'General' started by CyberSol, 3 Apr 2008.

  1. theevilelephant

    theevilelephant Minimodder

    5 Jan 2006
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    alarm goes off at 7:30 im always awake before it but if i dont set the alarm i sleep past 7:30 this happen to anyone else?
    7:30-8:00 i do some excercises and stretchin
    8:00 shower time
    8:15 breakfast time
    8:30 email, news and tea
    9:00 realise lectures start in 10 minutes, grab laptop and run.
  2. BigD79

    BigD79 Gadding about...

    2 Nov 2007
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    If i'm working at home set the alarm for 0825 and either snooze for 10 or begrudgingly get up and log on to the work lappy.
    Working at the office set the alarm for 0500 on the Monday usually straight up and out for 0545ish for a 4hr+ drive , I can get up early if it’s a one off. Then it’s a 0650 mobile alarm and snooze for 10mins at a time till 0720 or 0740.
    I hate waking up, I love snooze dreams - I usually plan on excuses to use for sleeping in late (which I always dream of but never do). I love sleeping!
    I used to go to boarding school and the school bell went at 0720 on weekdays to wake us up and the 1st Breakfast bell went at 0740 for 7 years! So I used to wake up at 0720 for months and months after I left, I think its just coincidence that I usually get up at 0720 now?!
  3. dragontail

    dragontail 5bet Bluffer

    9 Jun 2005
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    Alarm 8:09 - this turns radio on, which wakes me up.
    Lie for 5 mins trying to wake up from a groogy state.
    Get up at 8:14
  4. CyberSol

    CyberSol 1337 Pants

    18 Oct 2004
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    Wow, awesome responses!
    It's really interesting to see how many of us are slaves to the snooze button. :D
    I feel a lot better about my waking up habits now.
  5. trigger

    trigger Procrastinator

    22 Mar 2004
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    Here is my usual getting up thread:

    6.30 Buzzing alarm (snooze for 9 mins)
    6.40 Think about getting up for 5 mins
    6.45 Get up
    6.50 Shower + get ready
    7.25 Breakfast + Radio
    7.55 Drive to work

    I'm not a fan of getting up. Weekends are usually a wake up naturally around 10, unless I have something to get up for.
    Last edited: 4 Apr 2008
  6. Altron

    Altron Minimodder

    12 Dec 2002
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    Weekdays, I usually eat at 820, so I set the alarm for 800.

    I open the blinds then the sun usually wakes me up at 630... I go back to sleep until like 730, then kinda snooze for a little bit, and usually get out of bed and turn the alarm off at 755. Maybe once a week, I snooze a bit too long and the alarm wakes me.

    My roommate, OTOH, usually sleeps until anywhere from 1150 to 1450 (basically until 10 minutes before his first afternoon class). He sets his alarm an hour before class, and makes it really loud, so on the occasionally day where he actually decides to go to his morning classes, it wakes me up like four times.

    I usually shower between 1600 and 1800... after classes, before dinner. He showers... ummm... sparingly... usually if he's asleep in the room all day I have to open a window.
  7. DougEdey

    DougEdey I pwn all your storage

    5 Jul 2005
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    Daylight normally unless I'm covering a morning shift, Thursday/Friday I start work at 9.30 so I'm awake for 8am.
  8. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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    Up at 6:30, on the dot everytime. I used to sleep in late, but I've now become a machine - on the weekends I get up no later than 8 now too. I get up straight away, show, don't shave, make lunch for me and my gf for the day, publish the morning news, check the forums and then say goodbye to the gf (who is ussually still in bed) and leave the flat at 7:35 at the latest. I meet Hiren on the way to the office and he gives me a lift to work, where we get in for 8:30 at the latest.

    Snooze, for me, is a slippery slope. I'd rather have that time as proper rest or computer gaming time anyway.
  9. samkiller42

    samkiller42 For i AM Cheesecake!!

    25 Apr 2006
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    Depends on the day, and how much Overtime i have, but this past month, i've not been inbed much past 9am. So, for example, this morning, had a 08:00 start, 07:05 bus to get to work for 08:00, therefore alarm set for 06:00, alarm went off, hit snooze, at 06:05 went off again, got up, blah blah blah, got to work with 25mins to spare, which is ample time to wake properly, if that wasn't enough, i was in the Car Park at 08:00 this morning, and it was fresh, fully awake by 08:05:D
    And thats been normal for this past week, woo.

  10. vincentnone

    vincentnone enthusiast or fanboy?

    19 Nov 2007
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    I'm a night owl so on the weekends I sleep all day and wake up on my own some time after the sun goes down or it just gets relatively dark
    but during the week since I have to work, I have my computer play my music at top volume, it usually wakes up the rest of the block with me:D
  11. RickDawson

    RickDawson Minimodder

    29 Mar 2006
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    If I work an early shift, then it's just about 1hour before the shift to get up and ready, to clocking on.

    I set my music pc to come on an hour and 3mins before i'm due to swipe on and play some internet radio (www.DI.FM - Trance channel).
    (it takes 3 minutes for it to come out of hibernation to playing the music)

    I have to have it very, very LOUD!!!
    The plus side is that I then hear it once it comes on.
    The negative is that I have to turn the amp off quickly, as not to wake others up in the house.
  12. Major

    Major Guest

    Haha, yep, I also have the same problem.

    Me: Why didn't you wake me up?
    Them: I did, you even said you were going to get up.

    My time varies, sometimes 8am, sometimes, 9am. If I'm going for a run I get up 1 hour earlier. But I like 3 snoozes, which is 27min.
  13. Jipa

    Jipa Avoiding the "I guess.." since 2004

    5 Feb 2004
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    In steps:

    1. I either hear the alarm clock or then I don't.
    2. I get up to shut the alarm off (I keep the clock(phone) away so I need to physically get up)
    2.1 I either go get some breakfast/open the monitor
    2.2 I get back to the bed (just a couple of minutes)
    2.2.1 I don't fall asleep (rare)
    2.2.2 I do fall asleep and wake up again in two hours

    The thing with me is that I sometimes simply don't hear the clock or don't wake up. It's crazy, you should hear the noise my phone makes. I can set the alarm at 07:00 and wake up at 11:00 without remembering the clock went off. I can also wake up at 7, but stay in the bed, I can talk to people and still fall asleep and wake up a couple of hours later! It's very frustrating, even if I WANT to wake up, it just happens sometimes.

    Right now I'm struggling to wake up even at 10:00. Today I woke up, were awake for an hour and then suddenly noticed it's 13:30 and I'm in the bed.
  14. crazyg1zm0

    crazyg1zm0 Minimodder

    20 Feb 2007
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    I need to get into a regular sleep pattern i think:

    but when i am at uni, monday, friday, saturday and sunday i get up when i wake up.
    wednesday: 08:00
    Thursday: 09:00

    i am prob going to start waking up about 9 or 10 everyday unless i have a lecture before hand.
    although sayin that most asturdays i am up by 10 as i usually see the GF those days
  15. loops

    loops What's a Dremel?

    28 Oct 2004
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    If I HAVE to get out of bed ( which isnt very often atm) I set the alarm half an hour before I really need to get out of bed then snooze till said time. I cant get out of bed as soon as an alarm goes off and be functional, I tend to feel like im gonna sleep stood up for a good 2/3 hours after i wake up if i do it that way
  16. C-Sniper

    C-Sniper Stop Trolling this space Ądmins!

    17 Jun 2007
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    i have an alarm set for 715 and am out the door by 725. i know that if i hit the snooze button that i will be late for school so that is my motivation for listening to it and not shutting it off.
  17. thefriscokid

    thefriscokid why s**t so crazy?

    30 Aug 2005
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    my week

    alarm goes off @ 4:50
    shower/breakfast/brush teeth
    leave house @ 5:30
    walk to work
    start work @ 6:00

    wake up @ 11:00
    nap for few hours
    get ready for work
    leave @ 18:00
    start work @ 18:30

    funish work @ 6:00
    walk home have shower get in bed by 7:15
    wake up @ 14:00

    wake up @ 8:00
  18. Ninja_182

    Ninja_182 Enginerd!

    2 Apr 2002
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    I change my wake-up routine monthly to outsmart my quite adept subconcience. At the moment being off Uni, Its wake up when I feel like or an alarm an hour before Im needed up. The during term routine is one of the following.

    Phone alarm at 7:30, phone goes to bed with me (no jokes) so I have to actively look for it in the morning.

    Laptop boots and plays music at 7:30, after a week or so I manage to reach over and shut the lid on it and cant stop myself.

    Laptop boots and runs Unreal 2k4 at 7:30, works quite well until I get bored of the game.

    I too am quite intelligible when woken up despite not being awake enough to remember it, asking people to wake me always fails in them assuming Im awake.
  19. GoodBytes

    GoodBytes How many wifi's does it have?

    20 Jan 2007
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    Oh realllllyyy? I got methods!
    How about a metal plate the size of your bed hanging on top of your bed with super sharp spikes all over the place and at 7:30 and 30sec, it falls on you at rapid speed and strength... wake up or diiiieee.... mwahhahahaha! Or how about a bucket of water set to fall at 7:30... not on you... but on your laptop. Or how about at 7:30 your bed will shock you non-stop! Or even better....everything at the same time... with deadly gas being injected in your room... get out soon or you might never wake up!

    And.. lets not forget the Electric eels!
  20. loops

    loops What's a Dremel?

    28 Oct 2004
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    lol. I am terrible if someone wakes me up. I can sometimes have a full conversation they can walk out the room and ill be asleep again.
    I am quite good at getting up for something tho, ive never been late for work due to me getting up late.

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