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Case Mod - In Progress Bitfenix Aegis - The workstation

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by HCP, 26 Mar 2015.

  1. HCP

    HCP Minimodder

    19 May 2012
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    Well, yeah, once again a Bitfenix case (duh!) on the workbench.
    Finishing up the final pics on the Pandora project, and the hardware from that project will be moved here.
    Plan for this? - nothing, i have no clue.
    This will be a work as i go along.
    But this will be my regular workstation as my current one starting to leak water :p

    I´m not sure if i´ll go with hardlines, soft tubing or just air-cooling.

    First up, put the case on the workbench and see whats up!
    Here we go!
    More pics of the internals and features of the case in next update!

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