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Other Bizarre Creations Closes

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Veles, 20 Feb 2011.

  1. Veles

    Veles DUR HUR

    18 Nov 2005
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    Activision have finally decided to close down Bizarre Creations, a UK developer best know for the Project Gotham Racing series and Geometry Wars.

    To be honest I'm not so surprised. Their games weren't the best selling and most of their games weren't particularly noteworthy. I had immense amounts of fun playing PGR2 on xbox live on the original xbox and of course Geometry Wars I found ridiculously addictive. I didn't play PGR4 but I think PGR3 was a step backwards, Geometry Wars 1 & 2 have been the only decent games they've come out with in the last few years.

    I do think Geometry Wars will go down in legend, it's something that has been copied so many times now, and is something the developers will always be remembered for. But I do think it speaks volumes about a developer that mainly creates full games will be mostly remembered for an arcade game.
  2. DragunovHUN

    DragunovHUN I want to change my name but I also don't

    30 Oct 2008
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    Yes we've learned this at the end of january, there are a few discussions on the forums already.

    PGR3 was a launch title for the xbox 360, i'm fairly sure it sold remarkably well.

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