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News Blizzard announce WoW: Cataclysm

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 22 Aug 2009.

  1. iwog

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    14 Jun 2007
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    Inactive accounts aren't counted, however trial accounts are. And the rumblings on the website are that the figure has dropped from 12 mil as this is the longest gap between player numbers since Blizzard have started announcing them. So the cynics and conspiricists are guessing the figure has dropped.

    And people on this site especially, should know that graphics =/= immersion. Take Uplink and Dwarf Fortess for example, both lack fully rendered worlds and yet are some of the most immersive games going with dedicated followers still playing these games. But the counter argument is that WoW's graphics have been updating steadily over the years with many key characters getting model updates in Wrath and armour textures increasing slowly over time[1] old, new.

    The reason you perceive little change is that the whole game hasn't gone through a major update, and the old world looks just that, old. However that is going to change with the new expansion, 2 Horde cities are getting a major revamp with the other cities likely for minor changes, and several old world "starter" zones are getting scrapped and rebuilt.

    To counter all this praise I feel I should point out that all these new features feel like WoW is ripping of War for example:
    • Guild leveling
    • Self leveling skills, no more ranks
    • Talent trees with no passive skills
    • Leveling through pvp
    • More world pvp
  2. boggsi

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    30 Aug 2005
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    Wow is an excellent game and I am certainly someone who treats it like a second job.. But I definitely think it can be improved. I hope this expansion continues in current trends EXCEPT the ease with which epic loot can be acquired.. Being full epic now is like yea.. so? Before it used to be a real achievement.
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