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News Blu-ray to allow legal copying

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 15 Jun 2009.

  1. Hahokas

    Hahokas What's a Dremel?

    16 Jun 2009
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    Why is the entertainment industry waisting their money to complicate consumers every day life?
    Why they aren't thinking up new ways to distribute the media?
    BR and all the optical formats are dying race. Why keep the old technology running?
    Flash is much more reliable media for this kind of use. Flash prices would go down if it were adopted by this kind of use.

    Also broadband connections prices should go down and prices of legiment downloading should go down. Then it would intrest normal consumers and most likely amount of pirating would also go down.
    In Finland you have to pay 25-35euros (¨~ 35-50 USD) of a single BR movie, which is like robing to me.

    DVD's only made so popular after their prices were cut drasticly and you could buy your dvd-player at affordable price at your local super market.

    What they are missing is the right channel and media to distribute entertainment at affordable price. And I think that it would be their top priority to keep their consumers happy, because they can do what they wan't with their money.
  2. Jenny_Y8S

    Jenny_Y8S Guest

    For all you bit-torrent users, this is good news for you. If they made the copying easy and un-restricted then there would be slightly less demand for the torrents.

    As it is, all these half arsed attempts to control are just increasing the demand for the illegal copies.

    My message to the publishers....

    Sorry dudes, pandoras box is open, no ammount of gaffa tape is going to secure this mutha's lid - there's too many hands stuffed in grabbing all they can.
  3. adam_bagpuss

    adam_bagpuss Have you tried turning it off/on ?

    24 Apr 2009
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    LOL true strike.

    when i buy something i expect to OWN it. i can therefore do whatever the hell i want with it including making 1000 copies if i please.

    if i distribute these yes ive broken the law and i should be dealt with.

    now with all the crap thats on DVD you basically rent them and im certainly not playin £15-20 to rent.

    get rid of DRM and copywrite as it doesnt effect piracy anyway since they are easily cracked
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