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Gaming Broken Age Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Combatus, 28 Apr 2015.

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    16 Feb 2009
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  2. enbydee

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    10 Jul 2014
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    I haven't played Act II yet but from what you say and the end of Act I my fears seem to have been realized.

    I thought it always felt a much smaller, less well realized world for the story and, like you say, often seems little more than a series of barely connected concepts which don't appear fully explored - Meriloft could house an adventure game in its own right. The minimalist interface also left me feeling that I'd just clicked through a pretty interactive novel and, given I was done with Act I in 4 hours, a short one at that.

    It's a shame, I love the art style, I think the script is pretty good and the voice acting on point. It has all the things that so many wannabes would fall well short on, but it misses the mark. Before GF remastered came out I spent a weekend going through all the hacks to get the original to work, I can't see myself doing the same in 17 years for Broken Age.
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