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Peripherals BU-353 GPS Kit not connecting

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TheZaak, 14 Aug 2011.

  1. TheZaak

    TheZaak nerds are cool

    17 Oct 2010
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    I'm having trouble with my net book a samsung n150, the laptop it's self is flawless as of yet, but i'm having trouble with a programme and device. The device in question is a BU-353 gps router you could say but it isn't connecting properly with the computer, although there is one USB port which connects it further than the other two available but then still doesn't connect to memory map OS-5. I've seen other forum posts about GpsGate 2.6 which i have installed on my car PC. But that hasn't worked either.

    If anyone has any solutions to this problem it'll be greatly appreciated.

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