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Build Advice Budget build for 11 Year old

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nimbu, 11 Jul 2020.

  1. nimbu

    nimbu Well-Known Member

    28 Nov 2002
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    Same here! Mum had a IBM PS/2 we used to share with a 20mb disk!

    He sent me some screenies, Fortnite and subnautica appear to be taking up 90gb each.

    I was a little mean and said he's gonna have to to make a choice of what he keeps installed.

    (I have a 2tb sshd here that he will get as his first upgrade in a month or two)
  2. silk186

    silk186 Derp

    1 Dec 2014
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    Fist world problems, I suggest talking with his mom to come up with some way to earn an upgrade.
    Otherwise, he will keep asking for more.

    As for the youtube comment - send him some videos of flat earthers, anti-vax and 5G-covid ect.
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  3. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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    Mine was a massive IBM-compatible sidecar - with its own IEC 240V power cable - about the size of a small stack of A4 textbooks, hooked to a Schneider Euro PC II running MS-DOS 3.30A and with an upgraded 1.4MB floppy drive and 12" amber CRT.

    I really miss that system - was a beast for an all-in-one at the time.
  4. rollo

    rollo Well-Known Member

    16 May 2008
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    180gb in Ark wow, that’s insane for one game, game devs are silly. Can get a 2tb hd for cheap maybe he can save his pocket money.

    he needs to learn to appreciate what he has, if he was earning his own money and realised the latest graphics card is more 2 months wages on the average uk pay scale I think he would be shocked

    Tell him to get a paper round like most children his age used to do, during the good weeks you could earn a new game a week
  5. sandys

    sandys Well-Known Member

    26 Mar 2006
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    Pretty much what I had to do as a kid, any odd job etc, had learn to earn it, if I saved half or even showed serious commitment to something, good grades etc, then good things would happen, do similar with my daughter now, kids need to understand the value of money, she has a bank account, I deposit her pocket money in there, any bonuses etc, if she wants anything she has to save in there, she can use her card to shop when out and about etc, complete freedom to do what she wants, but understands that it doesn't come for free, does quite well for her age, I was no where near as clued up.

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