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Equipment Budget flash for my Olympus Pen E-PL1

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by Mr-IK, 29 Nov 2014.

  1. Mr-IK

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    12 Mar 2007
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    Hey everyone

    I'm a total photography rookie, but have realized that the built in flash in my olympus pen e-pl1 is simply not doing the trick.

    Primarily, I want the ability to take portraits and pictures at get-togethers, where the lighting in the room might not be optimal. So I'm looking for a add-on solution to my camera.

    I live in Denmark, so I'm looking to find an online retailer who can ship to Denmark, OR simply just to find a model or two I can look up locally.

    Can someone help? Would it be possible to find a flash that works with Canon EOS models as well, or are the sockets unique?

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