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Other Building a prop

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Canon, 4 Feb 2012.

  1. Canon

    Canon Reformed

    19 Jul 2010
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    Ok, been tasked with building a prop bomb. It has to be housed in a project box, be loud enough to be heard in a large room with plenty of dividing walls, and activated by a toggle + button switch.

    It needs to be done on a budget so unfortunately no micro controllers and LCDs, keypads maybe.

    I was considering a loud kitchen timer, but it would have to be of a certain standard where I could remove the casing and solder before fitting in the box.


    Does anyone have any ideas for a device that would be ready to use, I can set a time on, and butcher?

    A really odd bloody question, I know.
  2. Cleggmeister

    Cleggmeister Of reasonable knowledge...

    12 Oct 2009
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    The FBI are watching your thread :)

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