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Calling NEC ND-1300A owners; firmware problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by psYCHopath, 21 Feb 2004.

  1. psYCHopath

    psYCHopath What's a Dremel?

    25 Dec 2001
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    For those that have NEC ND1300A dvd burners
    I bought the Memorex ( was either memorex or memory) 4x and Melody 4x media which is sold in the forums.

    and cant burn the both media at 4x.

    tried flashing the latest official and hacked firmware (herrie.org)
    but the problem still presist.

    I'm currently using Windows 2000 SP4, AMD XP 2200+, Apacer 256x 2 PC-333, Abit KX7-333R, WD 80 JB, and of course NEC ND1300A with Nero

    when burning data with Nero, the burning speed is locked at 2.4x cant change it to 4x
    I have heard that there are some ppl able ot burn with Melody 4x on NEC ND1300A at 4x.

    Can anyone help?
    Please post the link where I can get the firmware or mail it to me
    c38668 at yahoo dot com :waah:

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