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Graphics Can you remember ALL the graphics cards you've ever owned?!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by LennyRhys, 26 Aug 2011.

  1. LennyRhys

    LennyRhys Oink!

    16 May 2011
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    Thought this would be fun, and it's not about e-peen in case anybody thinks that - just some light-hearted reflection on gone-but-not-forgotten hardware :thumb:

    Format: try to list the graphics cards in bold, and include price and date of purchase if you can remember, plus any comments you want to add

    Geforce FX5200 128MB 2006, the card that brought me HL2 :thumb:
    Geforce FX5950 256MB, 2006, loaned to me by a friend
    Gecube X1950XT 256MB AGP 2007, £138 from ebuyer, Half Life 2: Lost Coast lookin good :D
    Geforce 8800GTX 768MB 2007, £294 from ebuyer, my first ever PCIe system and most expensive graphics card ever
    Sapphire X1950XT 512MB 2008, £60 from ebay, a brief downgrade
    Geforce 9800GTX 2008, £180 from ebay, promptly sold (don't ask...)
    Palit 7600GS 128MB DDR2 2008, £10 from ebay - a stopgap
    Gecube HD4850 512MB x2 2008, £220 from ebuyer, my first experience of CrossFail
    BFG GTX 260 (192) 2008, $300 whilst on honeymoon in NYC :D :D
    Palit GTX 260 (216) 2008, £170 from ebay, my first SLI experience
    XFX HD4870 512MB 2009, £92 from ebuyer, a new build from scratch
    Palit GTX 470 2010, £180 from ebay
    POV GTX 470 2011, £140 from ebay, sold within a week (lol)
    Geforce 7500LE 64MB 2011, £5 from ebay, causes the screensaver to lag (backup card)
    Palit GTX 460 1GB 2011, £64 from ebay, possibly the best value graphics card I've EVER bought

    What can I say? - I like changing my graphics cards (though thankfully not as often as I used to lol).

    Anybody else have a similar hardware fetish? :D
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  2. Phalanx

    Phalanx Needs more dragons and stuff.

    28 Apr 2010
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    First card I ever bought was a nVidia RIVA TNT2. My god I feel old...

    Quick, someone older come post!
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  3. chrismarkham1982

    chrismarkham1982 Well-Known Member

    1 Apr 2010
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    sorry phalanx cant help you there :lol:
    in order
    geforce 2 mx-400 came with prebuilt pc. lasted me nearly about 6-8 months but couldnt play anything so dumped it.

    saphire radeon 9550 128mb £60 from pc world, late 2005 i think. lasted for about a year, got rid of pc for a lappie.

    poworcolor geforce 8800gt 512mb £68 from ebay in 2008. had about 4-5months, brillant card.

    xfx gtx 260 BE core 216 £149 scan early 2009. had for 1 year before missing my xbox 360 so i sold it to by a new 360.

    poworcolor radeon 4890 PCS+ 1GB £60 from Bit-Tech early 2011. had literally for about 2 months, fantastic but very power hungry and noisy as hell.

    MSI gtx 460 1gb £111 from ebuyer around march 2011. will most likely keep till begining of 2012 then replace with a 560ti or something similar
    Last edited: 27 Aug 2011
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  4. confusis

    confusis Kiwi-modder

    5 Jan 2006
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    in order
    S3 Virge 3mb
    nVidia MX440
    nVidia FX5200
    HIS HD4850 512mb
    Gigabyte GT240 512mb
    Sapphire HD5450 1gb
    XFX HD4550 512mb
    Gigabyte GTS450 1gb
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  5. RedFlames

    RedFlames ...is not a Belgian football team

    23 Apr 2009
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    in order [these are all for my PCs... parents' PCs and those built for others don't count... i'd be here all day]:

    First PC:
    Didn't have a 3D Accelerator card - was gutted when I bought Descent 3 and couldn't play it because it needed one.

    Second PC:
    GeForce 2 MX400

    Third PC:
    GeForce FX 5700 - My first attempt at GPU overclocking... it didn't go well...
    GeForce FX 5200 [to replace the broken 5700]

    Current PC:
    GeForce GTX 280 - killed it by folding on it

    GeForce GTX 560ti <-- next planned upgrade... it will be mine [eventually]
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  6. mars-bar-man

    mars-bar-man Side bewb.

    17 Apr 2009
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    Leadtek 8800GT 512mb
    2 4870 512mb in Crossfire
    ASUS GTX260 TOP 896mb
    Inno3D GTX460 768mb
    BFG 8800GTX 768mb (stop gap)
    ASUS 9800GTX 512mb (stop gap)
    EVGA GTX570 1.3gb

    Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk
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  7. [PUNK] crompers

    [PUNK] crompers Dremedial

    20 May 2008
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    7900GT XFX
    8800GT BFG
    GTX280 XFX
    GTX570 Asus
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  8. Sentinel-R1

    Sentinel-R1 Chaircrew

    13 Oct 2010
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    Phalanx... I'll save you mate. See my first card. Sheeesh I'm properly old :)

    3dfx Voodoo 2 - Still in box in garage somewhere :D
    ATI Rage Fury Maxx
    GeForce 3 Ti500
    ATI Radeon 9800XT
    ATI Radeon X850XT
    Geforce 8500
    Geforce 8800GT
    Geforce GTX260 216 Top Edition
    ATI Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition
    2x Asus Matrix GTX 580 SLI

    The end.... so far.... :thumb:
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  9. David

    David Take my advice — I’m not using it.

    7 Apr 2009
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    Far too many to remember all of them. Highlights (and lowlights) below.

    The first card I bought was a 512KB Genoa. What a monster!
    2MB ATI Rage Pro
    4MB Riva 128 and a 4MB 3dFX card
    Somewhere around here I got the SLI'D 3DFX Voodoo 2 cards (still got them)
    4MB Matrox Mystique (upraded it to 8MB)
    32MB Matrox G400 twinhead (should've been a 16MB, but they gave me the wrong one)
    32MB Riva TNT
    64MB Rage Fury Maxx (frikkin shockingly bad card)
    256MB Geforce DDR
    Geforce Ti 4200
    6600GT (then added a second)
    4870 1GB

    There were many more inbetweeners over the years, but those were the major milestones.
    Last edited: 26 Aug 2011
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  10. Jipa

    Jipa Avoiding the "I guess.." since 2004

    5 Feb 2004
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    No I can't, but here's some:
    Riva TNT (first PC)

    Radeon 9250 (first PC I bought back in.. 2003?)
    Geforce 6600
    Geforce 7600GT (had three of these, so SLI!!111)
    Geforce 8600GTS
    Geforce 8800GT (Lovely Gainward GS-card with quiet cooler. This was also included in my water cooled build in 2009)
    Radeon HD5750 (also tried CFX with these)
    Radeon HD4870 (eww, just eww eww eww at the power consumption and noise)
    Radeon HD4890 (eww, just eww eww eww at the power consumption, luckily this one came with a better cooler, that's why I swapped it in)
    Radeon HD5850
    Geforce GTX470
    Geforce GTX560
    Radeon HD6970 (Current)

    That's eight years and 12 graphic cards... And that's just the cards that I've really used in daily use for any time, there's so many more that I've just had my fun with :rolleyes:
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  11. wyx087

    wyx087 Homeworld 3 is happening!!

    15 Aug 2007
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    over 3 PC's, last one is from 8800GTX all the way to 580 i have now, which had a new CPU/RAM/mobo 2 years ago, so could count as over 4 PC's.

    Geforce 2 Mx400 (came with pre built)
    Geforce 4 Ti4400 (first graphics card purchase, then overclocked while laughing at Fx fail series)
    Radeon x800 GTO (first ATI, gone cheap, should have gotten 6800GT)
    Radeon x1650 pro (wanted SM3.0, should have gone for 6800GT)
    Geforce 8800GTX (best purchase ever! )
    Geforce GTX 260 216sp (22inch to 24inch, zero speed gain, but good card)
    Radeon 5870 (was an limited offer, regreted it afterwards because its Dx11 features were underpowered)
    Geforce GTX 580 (2nd best purchase! well rounded card, won't be upgrading until it struggles, won't make the gtx260 mistake)

    none of my Radeon ventures ended well. should have gone for 6800GT instead of x800 and not had to buy x1650. should not have bought 5870 because its Dx11 was so underpowered.

    in my experience, Radeon cards are fast at time of release, but has no future. want to be fast in next generation? buy our slightly new cards. nVidia cards are not this case, Ti4400, 6800GT, 8800GTX and hopefully 580 will demonstrate this. all those cards could have lasted more than 2 years without feeling slow.
  12. Elton

    Elton Officially a Whisky Nerd

    23 Jan 2009
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    1st card:

    Matrox Millenium II 4MB. Yes I was but a wee child.
    ATI 9250 $50
    Nvidia 6200 AGP (Oh my lord this thing was garbage) $100
    ATI X1300 256MB PRO (Still garbage) $100
    ATI X1550 512MB (bought another X1300 DOH) $150
    ATI HD4850 ICE-Q4 $170 (Was a hell of a quantum leap and a pretty awesome car .)
    ATI X1600XT $15 I needed a GPU for a light gaming rig.
    Nvidia 9800GTX+ (Made by Colorful $130 (For my other rig, it was actually quite good, although the cooler was pretty weird.)
    AMD HD6850 1GB $169

    I'll be honest, I do wish I bought something more than a HD6850, it's 2x as fast as my HD4850 but it was nowhere near the quantum leap that was from the X1550 to the HD4850.

    That's about 12 years worth of graphics cards. The first 3 being ones I didn't Officially own.

    I probably have a few more lying around, but those are the ones I remember best seeing as I used them.

    Damn Matrox couldn't run Age Of Empires 2.

    I'd like to counter Wu's claim though. I had used ATI cards quite a bit. And i'll be honest the 9800GTX+ aged horrible, if not just as bad as the HD4850. The only reason why it was cheaper was that I got it 6 months after the HD4850 and it was weaker in some aspects. Perhaps I'm just biased towards ATI/AMD, but I will admit that Nvidia really used to have some solid drivers. And I wish I knew about GPUs better back in 2004-2006, I would've gotten some good stuff with that $150 than a bloody sodding X1550 had I known.
  13. Moppi

    Moppi Member

    27 Apr 2009
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    my first was a matrox millenium 2 i think with 8 mb vram
  14. Sketchee

    Sketchee Suddenly, looters! Hundreds of 'em!

    23 Oct 2010
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    In order of what I can remember buying myself:

    FX5500 - absolutely useless tbh
    7300GT (x2 in sli no less!) - actually seemed to work pretty well for several years at 1280*1024, god knows if sli ever worked though
    8600m GT - as part of a laptop being the only PC I had for the best part of 2 years. Still plays games from the Source engine era pretty well at 1440*900 to be honest
    GTX 460 - Cracking card, love it to bits. It will be, with a heavy heart, getting replaced with the next gen top single GPU however
  15. Spanky

    Spanky Active Member

    14 Apr 2010
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    Love these posts! Here we go, had a few since 2003.

    So 2003 onwards -

    mx 440 64mb
    ati 9800se
    ati 9800 pro
    x800 pro
    x800xtpe - EPIC!!
    8800gts (320)
    gtx 260

    :duh: would'nt mind having some of that cash back!
  16. Cei

    Cei pew pew pew

    22 Mar 2008
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    3D RAGE II 4MB - 1996, PC
    RIVA TNT2 32MB - 1999, PC
    GeForce 2 GTS 64MB - 2001, PC, awesome for the time. 60fps in Quake III?!?!
    GeForce FX5600 Ultra 256MB - 2003, PC
    ATi 9800 Pro 256MB Mac Edition - 2003, PowerMac G5
    ATi 9800 XT 256Mb Mac Edition - 2004, PowerMac G5
    ATi X800 512MB - 2004, PC
    ATi 9700 128MB Mac Edition - 2005, PowerBook G4
    GeForce 8800GT 640MB - 2006, PC
    Intel GMA450 - 2007, MacBook
    GeForce 7600GT - 2007, iMac
    GeForce 8800GT 512MB Mac Edition - 2008, original Mac Pro card
    GeForce 9400M/9600M 512MB Mac Edition - 2008, MacBook Pro
    GeForce GTX 275 768MB - 2009, hacked in to Mac Pro
    ATi HD2600 512MB Mac Edition - 2009, more screens on the Mac Pro
    ATi HD4870 512MB Mac Edition- 2010, original Mac Pro card
    ATi HD5870 1GB Mac Edition - 2010, upgrade card for Mac Pro, current
    GeForce 560Ti 1GB - 2011, PC
    Intel HD3000 - 2011, MacBook Air
    AMD HD6970M 1GB - 2011, iMac card
    GeForce 580 GTX 1.5GB - 2011, PC current card
    Last edited: 26 Aug 2011
  17. legoman

    legoman breaker of things

    28 Feb 2010
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    ATi Rage Pro 8Mb
    Gforce 2 GTS LE 64Mb - rarer yellow PCB jobbie
    Geforce 5200FX 128Mb
    ATi 9800 XT
    Geforce 6600GT AGP
    ATi X1950 Pro
    Geforce 9600GT
    Geforce 460GTX
  18. LennyRhys

    LennyRhys Oink!

    16 May 2011
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    Great stuff - keep it coming! :thumb:

    And I actually agree with wuyanxu, at least concerning the past - I had an AGP X1950XT which was actually coming really close to my mate's 8800GTS 320MB in some games, but that was it - the 8800GTX lasted for years... what about ATI's 2900XT? It was a failure, and the 3850 and 3870 didn't do too well either (even though the 3870X2 set a trend).

    I'd say that ATI's HD48xx series have been very successful and lasted a long time, even though not quite as powerful as the GTX280 or GTX295.

    But the high point for me was definitely my AGP X1950XT, smoking many PCIe cards effortlessly - at that time, ATI were the undisputed champions of the graphics realm (soon to be utterly demolished by Nvidia's 8800GTX) :D
  19. Stewb

    Stewb New Member

    16 Dec 2009
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    On computers I have built myself? Well, this might take a while...

    2x 5870 - Late '09

    Er, that's it :p
  20. Wira

    Wira Spoderman

    27 Jan 2011
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    yup, pretty simple

    Nvidia 8800GS - prebult acer, my first own pc.
    Nvidia GTX 560ti - first card ever bought, for the first pc ever built.

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