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Other Cancelling double glazing

Discussion in 'General' started by legoman, 12 Nov 2019.

  1. LennyRhys

    LennyRhys Oink!

    16 May 2011
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    Yeah, put them out of business if at all possible. We had a similar experience a few years back and the salesman kept us "entertained" for rather a long time, but thankfully we didn't bite the bullet.

    It sounds terrible and it's not pleasant having to go through all the stress as a result, but as others have said you have the upper hand and should definitely use it. We will club together and give you all the morale you need. :thumb:
  2. Mr_Mistoffelees

    Mr_Mistoffelees Has got a bike, you can ride it if you like,

    26 Aug 2014
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    As Norman Stanley Fletcher said, "Don't let the bastards grind you down."
  3. legoman

    legoman breaker of things

    28 Feb 2010
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    Well, lots of calling back and forth. CAB said I would need to take it to TS (Trading Standards). They have confirmed they are actually investigating the company for exactly this type of high pressure selling.
    They said to raise a chargeback and gave me an existing case reference that the companies bank are aware of, so I will get my money back just not for a few weeks as the company will attempt to claim the funds.

    Also spoke to FENSA who said they are looking into them already an likely having the company stuck from their register so that'll be amusing.

    As a contrast, had a local glazer in Saturday, he took some what he called rough measurements from the inside but asked if he could look at the outside mainly for access, but also to see what cladding needed doing. Quote came through this morning, just under 10K, quote valid for a year he also gave me options on payment after I explained the fiasco. Basically 7K then 3K on 0% finance for 12 months. Deposit is 5% of the total cost an can be cancelled at any point so long as the survey's not been.

    He's got a show room which I'm going to later to to choose the fittings and doors. He's local, companies been trading 25 years under him or his dad, didn't realise I was in the year above him at school an remember his dad replacing windows at school.
    He reckons we might get them in for Christmas but cant promise as fitting will be weather dependant, they wont fit in high winds or snow.
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  4. ElThomsono

    ElThomsono Multimodder

    18 Mar 2005
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    Good move, keep fighting the good fight :thumb:
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