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Linux CentOS Samba Share responding very slowly.

Discussion in 'Software' started by udjamaflip, 13 May 2009.

  1. udjamaflip

    udjamaflip -

    13 Aug 2005
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    Hi guys,

    We have recently installed a new server with CentOS, and now due to various disagreements approaching the people that installed CentOS and setup the internal server is out of the question.

    At present we have a selection of Mac's and PC's with varying Operating Systems installed however they all lag when connecting to the server.

    We have a setup where all machines have a mapped drive to the Samba Share, and we all work off it remotely rather than bringing our work locally. This is because loca work doesn't get backed up + its time consuming to move back and forth.

    The odd thing is that http/ftp/ssh are very quick when connecting and transferring/saving files to the server, however when working remotely saving a mere .php or .txt file can hang for about 20-30 seconds, however it does save instantly sometimes like it should. The machine is on a 1000/100mb card with a 1000/100mb router connecting us all to it as is our older machine which at present is quicker to work off remotely (its 11 years old!)

    The new machine has 8g ramm, a dual xeon inside, and 1x0S hdd and 2x raid 500gb as I said before I can't see it being hdd or connection else surely _everything_ would be slow?

    I have root SSH access to the machine so let me know if there is any tests I can do to help diagnosis, but I am not very good with SSH other than chown,chmod,mv (basic stuff a developer uses on a daily basis)

    Thanks in advance guys, I have faith in the Linux gurus around here! :thumb:
  2. airchie

    airchie What's a Dremel?

    22 Mar 2005
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    When you say working remotely, is this people working from home connecting over their own internet connections?
    Or is it on the same LAN as the server?

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