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Windows Change Monitor Priority in Windows 10

Discussion in 'Software' started by mattyh1995, 13 Mar 2019.

  1. mattyh1995

    mattyh1995 Minimodder

    1 Oct 2011
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    I can't for the life of me figure out how Windows 10 prioritises my screens. I have what I consider to be my main monitor straight in front of me connected through a DVI connection, I have a smaller screen off to the left connected through VGA->DisplayPort and I have a TV on my wall to my right connected through HDMI.

    Windows 10 likes to see the screen in front of me as my "3rd Screen", so when I press Win+P and select 'PC Screen Only' it overrides any settings on which is my main display and will display through the VGA->DisplayPort monitor. If I select "2nd Screen Only" from that menu, it defaults to the TV, which is turned off 90% of the time... To get it to display only on the screen straight in front of me I need to go into the control panel and disable the other two.

    Is there no way I can force Windows 10 to accept that the screen in front of me should be Screen 1, have my smaller monitor be Screen 2 and the TV be Screen 3?

    To be clear, I'm not asking about re-ordering them in Display Settings, I'm asking about re-ordering the way Windows prioritises which is which. See this for what I mean.
  2. creative

    creative 500rwhp

    23 May 2014
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    You can physically rearrange the screens by left click and hold on the screen you want to move and simply drag to change the order. To set the display you want as you main screen, select the screen you want, scroll down and check the box for ' make this my main display'

    Dunno how you change the number, I think thats to do with the gfx card output order but the numbering doesnt really matter once you set the order up and set the main display.

    if you want better control over multiple screens I recommend DisplayFusion. I run this on all the multi screen computers I look after and its great, highly customizable.
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  3. hayate89

    hayate89 What's a Dremel?

    19 Nov 2015
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    q8 displayfusion is a must

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