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Portable Cheap Android phone with miracast

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thewelshbrummie, 19 May 2016.

  1. thewelshbrummie

    thewelshbrummie Minimodder

    29 Aug 2009
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    I'm after a cheap Android phone for work. New options preferred but 2nd hand suggestions welcome. £100 max.

    We need it for screen sharing demo purposes so native Miracast support is the only requirement. All other features are irrelevant as it probably won't be used as a phone.

    Ideally we want to keep the cost down as much as possible, I can get a Lumia 830 with miracast for around £60 used - that's the target price. We could do with a phone running Android though as obviously far more people use Android.

    I've found the Galaxy S4 on ebay for around £100 but something with Marshmallow would be preferable. I'm struggling to find newer budget options that support miracast though, the Galaxy J1 looked viable but apparently does not support miracast.


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