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Build Advice cheap desktop build?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SoffPigeon, 4 Mar 2021.

  1. SoffPigeon

    SoffPigeon What's a Dremel?

    4 Mar 2021
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    I dont plan on owning laptops for much longer, sacrificing ease of repair, specs, quality and upgradeability for portability has gotten old for me and the problem with my last laptop was the last of it. I'm not good with this stuff, essentially I'm a newbie and this is my first actual build but tech is a possible future career for me
    so I'll jump right in to it

    Budget: something cheap, highest on the end of 6-700$ but this'll be a build that I'll be doing over a decent period of time so slightly more expensive parts at a better quality would be okay. nothing over 100$ per part I'd like. 50$ or lower is preferred.
    Main uses of intended build: gaming and art creation
    Parts required: mostly focused on graphics card, storage, and RAM.
    Monitor resolution: I'm an artist so I'm willing to splurge a bit on a quality res
    Storage requirements: 1tb
    Any motherboard requirements (no. of USB, Xfire/SLI, fan headers): 3 USB ports would be nice, I use a wireless mouse so at least 1, would like a decent cooling system to avoid overheating
    Extra information about desired system:
    any cheap build that would be able to run Monster Hunter World decently would be fine by me.

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