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Cheap dual GPU setup

Discussion in 'bit-tech Folding Team' started by Shirty, 5 Jun 2019.

  1. Shirty

    Shirty W*nker! Super Moderator

    18 Apr 1982
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    Inspired by seeing George's recent thread showing off the 2080Ti and the awesome PPD those things can produce, I was inspired to play around with folding again for the first time in quite a while. I've been running clients on various rigs I have around the house, mostly concentrating on GPU.

    I've played with a 1080Ti, RX 580 and 1050 Max-Q. All said, I could probably muster in excess of 1.5 million PPD if I were able to leave these running 24/7, but I can't justify tying up our three main PCs that way.

    I also have a few older cards knocking about (such as a pair of 980Ti Hybrids). I have thrown one into a very basic build yesterday using a Biostar A10N-8800E with a 700W EVGA PSU in a Fractal Design Node 304, and it's looking like it'll do around 500-600k PPD, which is fine. I plan to run this 24/7 going forward as my only regular contribution.

    However, I'd quite like to build a very cost effective dual GPU solution to get the other 980Ti into the mix. Any suggestions on a good, cheapo MATX motherboard/CPU combo to power these cards? I think the PSU will do fine and I've got plenty of RAM, case options etc. Donations to the cause more than welcome :hehe:

    At some point in the future, if/when funds allow, I may even upgrade the rig to a couple of RTX cards for some multi-million PPD action.
  2. GeorgeStorm

    GeorgeStorm Aggressive PC Builder

    16 Dec 2008
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    I've already been thinking how I could get another fairly powerful card going, got a 980ti but am tempted to see if I could get a cheap 1080 instead.
  3. DocJonz

    DocJonz Another CPC refugee .....

    24 Apr 2009
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    All my folding rigs are actually dual GPU - it uses less electricity if you are going to run two GPUs in one PC, rather than one GPU each in two separate PCs. (I don't run more than two GPUs in any one case though, as heat becomes an issue).

    I'm afraid I don't have any recommendations on parts - most of the parts in my rigs are the same as when I last re-built them about 9 years ago(!) - only the GPUs have been updated (and the PSUs to more efficient ones). I'll have to update the main innards soon, but I'll wait to see what Intel's 10nm desktop technology holds ....

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