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Case Mod - Complete Clean not special. Got a 5600x and decided my kids needed an upgrade.

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by JOSEPH BERMAN, 12 Nov 2020.


    JOSEPH BERMAN What's a Dremel?

    12 Nov 2020
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    I preordered a 5950x for the scratch build project but who knows when that will actually come in. So in the mean time I upgraded the kids pc from a fx8350 r390x to a 5600x 2080 waterforce. Id say this is a 1.0 completion as I want to make some changes but didn't have the time or the equipment setup (I'm still moving in to my new place) to finish the custom bits for this case. So for now it sits completed in a 1.0 state. Hope you all like the clean unicorn puke build my children always dreamed of. 20201109_171539_compress72.jpg 20201109_215532_compress28.jpg 20201109_235314_compress25.jpg 20201109_235301_compress74.jpg 20201110_000352_compress93.jpg 20201110_000357_compress48.jpg 20201110_000415_compress70.jpg 20201110_023021-1_compress80.jpg 20201110_032817_compress80.jpg 20201110_103055~2_compress68.jpg
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