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A/V Closed Captioning

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by scifi3018, 4 May 2007.

  1. scifi3018

    scifi3018 New Member

    6 Feb 2005
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    Im not sure where else to put this, and AV seems appropriate.

    I work at a colliseum, and this year for out uni's graduation, we want to closed caption the presidents speech for the disabled.

    The closed captioning software/hardware combe that we curently have is nice, and works great for TVs, however on our jumbotron, it doesnt look all tha flattering.

    I am looking for a program to caption stuff, and i know that sounds vague, but its the best i can do...

    Specifically, a program that outputs on my 2nd monitor (svideo) a screen with a blue(screen) background and a black CC box at the bottom that the typist can type into...

    The reason i want a blue background is cause i can remove a chroma with our mixer, so it will in effect superimpose the CC over the video of people walking across the stage, or the president himself.

    If anyone has any ideas how to do this, i would be receptive.

    Additionally, form what i have found so far today, all the programs that i have seen take in an avi,rm,mov file and add the CC for like a movie...

    I havent found anything great as of yet...

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