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Planning Codename: Wesker

Discussion in 'Modding' started by MaverickWill, 30 Mar 2011.

  1. MaverickWill

    MaverickWill Dirty CPC Mackem

    26 Apr 2009
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    Apologies to all if this is a little ramble-tastic, but here goes...

    I've not been around the forums as of late - I had a rather bad turn in terms of my mental health a while back, in between messed-up relationships, family troubles, and general mishaps. Over the last 2 weeks or so, my Dad, Bill, has been really ill as the result of a brain haemorrhage, and he passed on Monday. Since this all happened, I've been spending an awful lot of time visiting friends, trying to keep my mind occupied, etc. Which has necessitated lots of heavy PC lugging in order to play anything more complex than Worms.

    Now, I've been looking for a mini-rig to replace the very much dead Shuttle I used in the now-abandoned Project Squeeze Box. After a fair amount of talking it through with people, i realised I wanted to replace the big rig with this little box, and promptly set about cooing at Gigabyte in the hope they'd get their P67 ITX motherboard out on show.

    However, the other day, I stumbled upon this:


    Bought from these very forums about a year ago, this Yeong Yang Cube Server case has been sitting about, with various parts in, ranging from budget gamer, to Folding GPUs, to a mini server. All well and good, but these parts have migrated to different homes, leaving me with an empty cube case.

    So, after finding that, and deciding that a full transplant of parts from Biggus Riggus into there would be a good idea, I set about looking for a theme. Aquatuning's Facebook page helped me out here. Namely, with these fans and these reservoirs, a plan was devised. Resident Evil style!

    The current system, housed in a slightly modded Antec 1200, consists of:

    Core i7-930
    Asus P6X58D-E
    6GB Kingston Hyper-X 2000MHz RAM
    Sapphire Radeon 5870 2GB Vapor-X
    KFA2 Geforce 430
    Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro
    Corsair Force 120GB
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
    Laing DDC with XSPC Dual Bay Top
    Feser Xchanger 240
    XSPC Delta v3 CPU waterblock
    EK Asus X58 motherboard waterblocks
    be quiet! Dark Power Pro 650W PSU

    ...this will take a bit of careful planning to squeeze so much into a small chassis, but ideas so far are:

    New metal front for the case, complete with new buttons (power, reset, etc), allowing me to ditch the plastic front panel
    Adding a second 240 rad, with both located in the front (one either side), complete with Phobya fans - at this point, I'm considering 360mm rads, but not measured the case yet
    Black tubing with red coils throughout (may replace all fittings for black too)
    Case window added
    Red painting of the interior
    Lighting added
    Large painted Umbrella logo on the roof
    "Umbrella" in the side of the 5870 shroud (painted on, cut out, lit up, perhaps?)
    80mm fans replaced with 120mm fans
    Repaint/re-colour RAM heatspreaders from blue to red

    Does anyone have any thoughts to add, comments, suggestions on how/where to get things done? All feedback welcomed, and if anyone I've not spoken to before comes across this, hello!

    Thanks for making it through that wall of text. :D

  2. Nealieboyee

    Nealieboyee Packaging Master!

    14 Aug 2009
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    Hi will. Sorry about your dads passing. Its difficult I know. I've been there. Keeping yourself occupied works, if only for a short while.
    If you are painting internals, I have two cans of grey primer and two black spray you can have. Unopened and just sitting here doing nothing so yours if you want them.
  3. MaverickWill

    MaverickWill Dirty CPC Mackem

    26 Apr 2009
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    Oh wowsers. Excellent times, mate. May have to snaffle them off you. :)

    As for keeping busy, it's all we're really doing at the moment. All the practical stuff's being taken care of for now, so in my spare time, I'm kicking back with a couple of guitar buddies, tinkering with tech, and lugging around a big computer. I figured at least this way, I get something practical out of it, and it'll look all shiny and pretty. :D

    Nice to know you guys are still as awesome as ever!
  4. sparkyboy22

    sparkyboy22 Web Tinkerer

    3 May 2010
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    I sold my YY Cube a few months back, had always planned on replacing the front and modding the arse out of it but never got round to it.

    Will be following here to see just how much I missed out on.

  5. Nanosec

    Nanosec absit iniuria verbis

    28 Apr 2009
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    My condolences on the passing of your father, I hope any pain he had was transitory, and hopefully yours will be as well.
    As for the mod, maybe its a bit cliche, but what about theming it around something that your father liked, as a sort of memorial? whether its a favorite color, or a football club i'm sure you can theme a mod around something that the two of you shared.
    Just my thoughts


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